Challenge at Fulham Cross Girls' School

All teachers:

  • Ensure that every student is provided with challenge to extend depth and breadth across the curriculum especially those students identified as being more able.
  • Use Strategies EVERY lesson to ensure that all students are meeting or exceeding their targets.
  • Ensure that students are challenged using home learning opportunities to develop  independent learning 
  • Students are provided with a challenge passport to map areas of challenge developed throughout the curriculum both in class and home learning opportunities.

Challenge enrichment provision:

  • At KS3 and KS4 a specific programme will be provided to Gifted and Talented students to include a university trip and fortnightly sessions to include subject specific enhancement but also skill enhancement as part of challenge club. Student progress is monitored to ensure that challenge is delivered as part of the curriculum to ensure students are making rapid progress.. 
  • KS4 students will be allocated a KS3 student to mentor to develop leadership skills

Brilliant club:

Students are selected in October based on KS2 data and invited to apply , both the programmes at KS3 and KS4  begin with a launch day at a University and then students undertake 6 tutorials in school. The students submit an assignment and it is marked on the university scale.  They then attend a final graduation day. They use strategies to improve pupil progress and skills that are needed for university including small group tuition, independent homework and feedback.