Intervention, Support and Personalisation 

As a small school we know all our students who are all carefully observed socially and tracked academically. Strong pastoral relationships mean that no student ever falls through the net. There is a comprehensive support programme in place through both the pastoral team which is comprised of a Home School Liaison officer and Progress Tutors who run alongside the Heads of Year (LPCs) to run small groups focussing on social skills, self esteem and study skills.

In addition the Personalisation Faculty tracks students academically every 6 weeks and organises intervention programmes when students need it. The pastoral and academic elements of the staff team come together weekly at Personalisation Panels where individual students are discussed and the best type of support decided. 

The Personalisation Faculty is comprised of two Specialist SEN teachers, 5 TAs, an EAL HLTA and an Assistant Headteacher who leads on Challenge for the more able. Support and Challenge are organised on the waves model of intervention. 

We have expanded our intervention offer for the academic year 2015- 16. All Year 11 students now have a regular Period 7 slot which is a regular extra lesson on the end of the school day where they have the lessons that they need the most to improve their overall grades. In addition we are now offering this to some Year 10 students for English and Maths this year.