Year 7 - EMPOWER Day - The Lyric Theatre

The second empower day for year 7’s was a fantastic day with pupils experiencing the delights of The Lyric Theatre showing a fun filled performance of Jack and The Beanstalk.  On arrival to the theatre, the girls’ could not wait to open their popcorn and start munching,  whilst waiting for the performance to start the students danced and sang along to the music as loud as they possible could. The performance was fantastic with amazing costumes and excellent audience participation. The students particularly enjoyed the part Mr Lossetto had to play with Mrs Trott Alot, who seemed to take a particular shining to him and of course being thrown sweets at various points during the performance. Year 7 truly had a fantastic experience. When returning to school they put their creative sides to the test, with a choice of competitions; either a review of the production or a ticket selling poster. There was some beautiful work created, even with pop out posters, and glittery letters, pupils should be incredibly proud of their afternoon’s efforts. An overall year winner will be announced in Assembly.

Year 8 EMPOWER Day - Soap Designing

Soap day involved year 8 students designing winter theme soaps, hand creams and bath bomb products. They had to work collaboratively in their teams to produce a logo, name, product and pitch. Students used a variety of fragrances to find a target market such as bubble gum, winter spice, cool angel and cinnamon.

Students had a positive review of the day. They loved the soap making day and felt like they were like professionals in the soap industry. Students confidently all participated in a pitch at the end of the day where the rest of the class watched and scored their product and overall performance. Winners in each form were awarded winter prizes for being empowering students.

Year 11 Trip - Tate Britian

On Tuesday 14th November, Year 11 GCSE Art pupils visited the Tate Britain in Pimlico.  Pupil’s main objective whilst there was to extend their knowledge about a variety of different artists and practice their observational drawing skills.  Pupils fully enjoyed this experience and found visiting the gallery inspiring and beneficial to each of their projects.  Pupils spent time studying and evaluating art work linked to their coursework themes. 

Feedback from pupils:

“Tate Britain was very interesting.  It displayed Art work from the 1500s to the present day.  It showed a diverse range of artwork, from painting, sculpture, photography and video art.  I found it very inspiring that artists could use such a wide range of media and materials to express their ideas.”

Rufaydah Djilali

The visit to the Tate Britain helped me identify the many techniques that artists used within their work.  It inspired me to experiment more with new techniques in my artwork.”

Zohal Amiri

Music For Youth Proms Concert

The year 10 and year 11 GCSE students saw another fantastic concert as part of at the Music for Youth proms at the Royal Albert Hall. Performances from young rock bands, gospel choirs, steel band ensembles and jazz/pop bands left us all more inspired about music and performing.

Year 11 Geographers Visit to the London Docklands

'On Thursday 9th of November, Year 11 Geographers visited the London Docklands in East London to complete their first piece of GCSE fieldwork. The students were investigating whether the regeneration carried out by the London Docklands Development Corporation had successfully improved the quality of life of the area. We carried out environmental quality surveys, housing surveys and a quality of life questionnaires to gather the data needed for our enquiry. Whilst it was a cold winter’s day, the students' behaviour and effort on the trip were both excellent - Well done to all who attended!'

Armistice Day

To mark Remembrance Day students from FCGS were joined by representatives of Fulham College Boys School to take part in a Poppy Wreath laying ceremony at the Fulham cemetery.

 Lest we forget.

Year 11 - Religious Studies Conference

25 Year 11 students were selected to attend a Religious Studies conference in central London’s Bloomsbury Baptist Church with the distinguished Dr Peter Varady. The day consisted of three sections- one on peace and conflict, one on sanctity of life and quality of life and one on the role of Jesus. Students were offered techniques to help them achieve the highest marks in the subject but also to deepen their thinking and challenge stereotypes. Students also took part in debates on whether “The quality of life matters more than the sanctity of life” and “Religious people should be committed to pacifism.” Jessica Blankson-Hemans, Aya Boucheneb and Ayat Mohamed all openly argued their viewpoints with other school from across wider London, holding their own amongst a very elite crowd. Ms Hosp was a very proud head of department after a long day of revision and re-thinking!


Year 11 Trip - EY Women in Tech Day

On Wednesday 18th October Ms Lawes took her Y11 GCSE class to the ‘EY Women in Tech Day – Evolving the Future’. EY is a multinational professional services firm that provides advice and services to different businesses across the world. We learnt about the important role that IT and computing has in the company and the different paths you can take to work in a company such as this e.g. via university, work placements and apprenticeships. We had a good day and learnt a lot.     We found the first talk very interesting as it was actually about the tech industry and how more women are needed in this field; a robot presented some of this! In the afternoon there was a competition and an open mic session – Aya B and Shazori asked really good questions and Tooba won a prize for guessing that Amazon was the longest running internet company compared to Google and Ebay. The last session was presented by a PHD student who studied materials – she did several experiments many of which involved using chocolate!

Year 8 EMPOWER Day - Trip to Hampton Court Palace

Year 8 had a tremendous experience at Hampton Court Palace. They visited the Tudor Kitchens to discover what was involved in cooking a feast for Henry VIII and experienced live drama as the story of Thomas Seymour was acted out around the palace on their tour. Students were treated to a workshop with a professional archaeologist where they got to examine real historical sources, some of which were over 5000 years old! To top off the day Year 8s had to find their way into and then out of the famous Hampton Court Maze; we are pretty sure they all made it out but if you hear shouting coming from the maze late at night then maybe, just maybe, we left one student behind. Alternatively, it could be the ghost of Katherine Howard that has haunted the palace for the last 500 years!

Year 11 EMPOWER Day - Health and Wellbeing

For our first EMPOWER Day of this academic year, the Year 11 cohort took part in a Health and Well Being programme held in school. The purpose of this day was to help Year 11 students look at their own health and wellbeing, and developing coping strategies for Stress Management - something that is of paramount importance at such a crucial point in their school careers. The student took part in a range of activities, including Yoga, a Teambuilding Activity and an exciting and informative interactive theatre piece by Upfront Theatre.

The day was informative, interactive and highly enjoyable. Some Year 11 students have said:

“That’s the most relaxed I’ve felt in over a year!”

“It’s good to know that I am not the only student that sometimes gets down and feels helpless – now I know more about what coping strategies I can use and what help is available for me.”

“I really enjoyed the teambuilding activity and I learnt a lot about communicating without having to shout to get heard.”

Thank you to the Year 11 students for their enthusiasm in participating with all activities, and of course, modelling the excellent standards that we have here at Fulham Cross Girls’ School, and a huge thank you to the staff that coordinated and facilitating such engaging sessions for the students.

Year 9 EMPOWER Day - Street Culture Day

The year 9 students showcased their creative side at this year’s Street Day Culture Empower day. Students carried out two workshops during the day and then came back to exhibit and perform their work to the rest of the year group. Students made some fantastic tasty spring rolls which were presented as awards to selected empowered students from the day. The Art team looked at carnival inspired masks and showcased these through a fashion catwalk.   The Street Graffiti workshop really captured the student’s personal emotions. They learnt basic techniques inspired by the female graffiti artist known as “Boxhead.” In Performing Arts the theatre workshop saw students experimenting with a variety of street conversations inspired by discussions heard in various circumstances. The music department led a rhythm based performance using junk instruments. Students put on a loud and energetic musical theatre performance inspired by the west end show ‘Stomp’. The final item was a performance by the street dancers who gave an incredible routine.   Overall, the day was a huge success and a highly enjoyable experience showcasing the array of talents in the year group.  We look forward to doing it all again next year.

Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge

The room buzzed with excitement as a group of our year 10 students wrote key points to a speech they would later deliver to their peers. The Jack Petchey facilitator gave the girls excellent tips on body language when presenting and invaluable information on how to structure their speeches. The girls were extremely nervous but showed great courage as they stood before their peers and delivered their exceptional speeches. And after a gruelling task of choosing who will go on to represent the school at the regional final, we decided Shahd Ahmed from 10H will be representing our school at the regional final and Charis Power 10L will be our reserve speaker. Fulham Cross Girls’ would like to thank all the girls who took part in the Jack Petchey ‘Speak Out’ Challenge last Friday. And a massive congratulations to Shahd! The regional final will be on Tuesday 28th November 2017 at West London Free School. If you would like any more information please contact us at the school

Year 7 EMPOWER Day Trip - CFC Enterprise Day

Year 7 undertake their first empower day at Chelsea Football Club with the Chelsea Foundation and Edge of Box club. On arrival the girls were wowed by the suite we were in overlooking the pitch and could not wait to take their own photos.

The girls experienced an outstanding inspirational talk by Winsome Duncan, which the girls loved chanting her mantra as loud as they possibly could before experiencing 4 business workshops to gain the skills needed for their very own enterprise challenge.

Pupils then worked in groups to put together their own strategy to sell Chelsea FC Ladies football shirts at a market stall. They had to not only consider their market and price but their branding and how they were going to draw their customers in. After some excellent team work, each team had to present their final idea to the panel of business judges.

There were some excellent presentations and the business judges had a tough time deliberating their final winners. The lucky winners who will each receive an adult and child ticket to the ladies FC football match were the Purple group.

It was an excellent day with exceptional team work and challenge for all involved.

Year 10 Geography Trip to Swanage

In July 2017, a group of Year 10 Geography GCSE students had the opportunity to visit Swanage to study its coastal management, which directly links to their GCSE final exam. In groups, they investigated the consequences of human interaction along the coast. In addition to the physical geography they also looked at different coastal managements, both effective and disastrous and examined issues that affect the coast today, throwing up important questions for the future. To achieve this, the students examined evidence of a changing coastline and completed the relevant booklet. They also looked at different sea defences and the effectiveness of sea walls and beach replenishment. It was a particularly successful trip, as the girls did a lot of practical work but also had the opportunity to enjoy the sun by the coast and talk to local people about the past, present and future of Swanage Bay. 

First Story Programme

On Tuesday 19th September, 20 girls from First Story, as well as Ms. Boumeester and Ms. Mahon travelled to Oxford University to attend the Young Writers Festival and the annual launch of the First Story programme.

We were welcomed by two ports and former First Story writers. They shared their experiences and what writing means to them. We did a thorough analysis of our names, which showed us how special and individual our names actually are.

In our first workshop, we used our senses and personal experiences to make up words that didn’t yet exist in the English language. In the second workshop, we played a game of ‘word association’ and made poems about the people that are close to us.

Apart from the wonderful workshops, we had the opportunity to watch a performance from two experience poets: John Agard and Grace Nichols. They performed their own poems (some are also in our GCSE anthology!) and also talked about the importance of writing and expressing your feelings.

A big thanks to Ms. Boumeester and Ms. Mahon for taking us on this trip and to First Story for an amazing event. It was an inspiring trip.

Mariam Keyvani and Hafsa Al-Hashimi

School Musical - Aladdin

The school musical ended its two night run to riotous applause and a standing ovation. Both nights were sold out and rightly so. 

It opened with a kaleidoscope of colour and pattern: sparkle and glitter lit up the stage and welcomed the audience to Agraba.  We are transported to a place in deepest, darkest Morocco, a place where a street rat called Aladdin was born.    

Throughout, the cast were incredible: so many stand out performances from students in Yrs7-10.  The comic timing and swagger of the genie and Aladdin played by siblings Jessica and Crystabelle Blankson- Hermanes, the shy but humble princess… the clumsy, dopey guards with their impeccable comic timing and self-depreciating sense of humour, the sarcastic, deadpan delivery of lines by Jafar and the loveable, crowd pleaser Iago. This carnival of colour all set to a backdrop of the city, hand painted by Honey.   The spirit, energy and passion was infectious

The finale Of ‘A Whole New World’ stands as a reminder of the beauty of theatre at Fulham Cross – they have the ability to pull off a Disney classic whilst also making it their own (credit to the script writer here! Ms Dale!!)  What other Aladdin – other than one from Fulham would steal sourdough bread from the market and do the ‘Big Fish, Little Fish’ dance to win Princess Jasmine’s hand.

The finale doesn’t disappoint!  Love transcends all when Aladdin rejects cash and camels to marry his princess. I know I speak for every member of the audience when I say that we all headed home for the weekend with a warm, tingly feeling inside.

Year 10 Trip to Spain

Last July, the year 10 Spanish and Geography students travelled to Avila, in Spain, to explore the language, culture and geographical attributes. Our trip was full of exciting, fun and new experiences; the first being our visit to the medieval old town of Avila; a town of religious history due to Spain’s deep connection to Catholicism. We were able to explore the town and use our Spanish skills, whilst enjoying the admirable view of the walls of Avila.  Our accommodation was situated in Gredos and it came with breath-taking views of the mountains. We participated in many exciting activities; our most memorable one was mountain hiking, which required a lot of dedication and resilience. However, to truly explore the Spanish culture, we participated in a cooking class, where we made our very own tortilla, which is a popular omelette. We also had the opportunity to try a different Spanish dish every day made by the cooks of the Gredos centre. On a geographical note, we examined and measured the rivers that had been formed in the fields; this enabled us to learn and see how the rivers are formed in both a practical and educational way. In order to put our Spanish skills into use, we went out to the village of Avila for a fun treasure hunt, where we had to find clues by asking the locals for directions. This was a great way to practise our speaking skills and gain confidence. In addition, we had the opportunity to do archery and participate in a t-shirt making class, as well as going to an activities’ park where we climbed trees and overcame many difficult obstacles. This was a great way to end our 5-day trip to Spain! This trip incorporated both education and fun, making it such a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Hiba Al-Moosawi 11U

Fulham Cross Girls' School GCSE Results 2017

Fulham Cross Girls’ School students have, once again, excelled in their GCSE results, with an astounding 32% of all grades awarded at A*/A, the highest percentage of top grades ever achieved at the school. In the midst of country-wide uncertainty around the new, more challenging, examinations in English and maths, students have surpassed expectations with 80% achieving a strong pass in English and 90% achieving the standard pass.  Maths outcomes are also strong, with 75% of students achieving the standard pass in the more demanding examination, bringing the overall measure of girls receiving a pass in both English and maths to 74%.   Outstanding performances in science continued with 100% of students achieving A*-C in chemistry, 96% in biology and 93% in physics, with an astonishing 55% of grades within these subjects awarded at A*/A . 

Student progress has, once again, been phenomenal across the board as a result of an unstinting belief that all students, regardless of their starting position in Year 7, can achieve outstanding results.  Head of School, Denise Fox, commented “Once again, the staff and students of Fulham Cross Girls’ School have worked exceptionally hard to achieve the results that will take our girls on to some of the best academic sixth form providers in the country.  We are a fully inclusive school and are exceptionally proud of the progress that all our students make, working within our vision of Empowering Tomorrow’s Women.”

Outstanding individual performances include a clean sweep of top grades for Xii Cin Lim who has achieved 7 A* grades and 3 grade 9s – results that put her in the enviable position of choosing from a range of offers from independent schools across West London.  This outstanding set of results is the highest ever achieved by a Fulham Cross Girls’ School student and was closely followed by students including Lyeba Ahmed (6 A*s, 1 A and 3 grade 8s), Ithar Hajar Derdour (6 A*s, 2 As, 2 grade 8s and 1 grade 7) and Shan Hama, who achieved 3 grade 9s in English and maths, 3 A*s, 4 As and 1 B.

Executive Principal, Peter Haylock, commented “There is no secret to the success achieved year on year at Fulham Cross Girls’ School.  It is down to a strong vision and ethos that challenges all students to aspire to achieve beyond expectations.  The school has twice been shortlisted for TES Secondary School of the Year and is in the top 1% of schools nationally for progress.  In addition to this, the students at Fulham Cross know that their teachers go above and beyond expectations to ensure that they are best placed to excel.  We are thrilled with this set of results and congratulate all our students on their achievements.”