Year 11 EMPOWER Day Workshop - "Preparing for Life after Fulham Cross"

On Tuesday 21st March, year 11 participated in their final EMPOWER day, “Preparing for Life after Fulham Cross.”  Throughout the day, year 11 students participated in a variety of exciting workshops to help them in the next stage of their journey when they will sadly leave us this summer. It was really encouraging to see everyone so engaged with the day and we would like to thank Integrate UK for their fantastic and thought provoking workshops on the day.

The day provided students with a valuable opportunity to ask questions and gain new skills with us before they move onto their colleges and sixth form providers. Thank you to all of the staff that ran sessions and thank you to year 11 for being excellent ambassadors for the school!

Year 7 - International Themed EMPOWER Day

On Tuesday 21st March Year 7 took part in an International themed Empower Day. With help from their teachers, girls went around the world through a range of activities which allowed everyone to learn something new. As part of the day girls learnt some Bollywood dance moves, decoded words in Greek, learned how to spell their own names in Arabic and became one step closer to becoming Japanese calligraphy masters. Our students were also lucky enough to learn African drumming and how to make delicious French crêpes which everyone enjoyed! The day was a great success thanks to the enthusiasm displayed by both students and staff.

Jack The Ripper Museum Trip

Year 10 History students enjoyed a gruesome tour through the darkened streets of Whitechapel this term, hot on the trail of Jack The Ripper. The students, currently studying Crime and Punishment in preparation for their exams next year, took the opportunity to investigate some of the most, wicked crimes in history. The tour retraced the steps of the infamous criminal as students learnt about the wider aspects of what life was like in one of the poorest areas of London at the time. The knowledge and first-hand experience of seeing what Whitechapel was like in the 1880s gave the girls an excellent context in which to base their historical enquiry. Although we left with sore feet from the walking, an excellent time was had by all!

World Book Day

Day. We raised money for the charities Book Aid International and All Our Children and students had the opportunity to get involved in different ways.

We held a sponsored Readathon for KS3 students to raise money for children in hospital. This has been a great success; 50 keen readers from year 7, 8 and 9 signed up and have aimed to read more than 350 books between them in just two weeks!

On Tuesday 28th February all students had the opportunity to bring in cakes and other treats for a bake sale. We received lots of tasty baked goods that went down well with staff and students alike.  Special thank you to Isabel Clarke of 8L who brought in some beautiful homemade book-themed cupcakes – they tasted as good as they looked! We also held a book sale in the library where students could buy books from just 10p. There were lots of bargains to be had.

On Thursday 2nd March staff and students dressed up as characters from some of our favourite books. The English Department came as well-known characters from Dickens while other characters that were spotted about the school were Hermione Granger, Katniss Everdeen and The Woman in Black! There were some excellent costumes and prizes will be awarded for the best.

We also held an art competition for students to design a front cover for a book they love. There were some really fantastic and imaginative entries. Miss Brown had the very difficult task of selecting the winners, who were: Aisha Alam 7H, Inaya Salam 7M and Athena Allawan, 9L. Runners up were: Jemimah Pardito 7F, Siciida Muse 8H, Marieleynne Laban 7Q and Sakina Bean 7M.

Thank you to everyone who supported the events and made World Book Week such a success!

London Youth Games - Volleyball Team

U15s Volleyball team representing Hammersmith and Fulham at the London Youth Games.

The girls were amazing and represented the school and our borough with pride.   They got through Round 1 with outstanding performance and subsequently qualified to play in the final 12 out of 32 teams.  This in itself was a great achievement and we were very proud of the girls.  In the next round, they then won a number of matches and lost a few, but all defeats were very close.    It really could have gone either way.  Unfortunately, we did not get into the final, but we could not have been more proud of them.    The girls thoroughly enjoyed the day. 

First Story - Poetic Inspiration

Where better to go for poetic inspiration than the Grant Zoology museum at University College London?

The members of Fulham Cross Girls’ School First Story poetry group sized up a ginormous elephant skull, a terrifying Python skeleton and came eye-to-bulbous-eye with a porcupine fish to help them create some amazingly profound poetry with the expertise of performance poet Michelle Madsen. It was a proud moment when four of our group were chosen to read their creations, which were commended by the university's Head of English professor Mark Ford, who said he hoped our students would consider applying for places at UCL. 

Our aspiring poets also loved hanging out with English undergraduate Emma, who gave them a tour of the historic campus and the low down on university life and workloads. The girls were all sad to leave the North London campus but many confessed they are determined to continue their studies there. Watch this space!  

Year 11 Art Trip - Tate Gallery, Britain

On Wednesday the 1st of March Year 11 Art students had the opportunity to visit the Tate Britain in Pimlico, this art gallery trip contributed to their GCSE studies as they took photos, did observational drawings and took notes on the pieces of art that related to their chosen exam themes.

The students independently observed the art work in the gallery. The work on show was all by British artists from 1500 to the present day and includes work from artists like JMW Turner to more contemporary artists like Richard Hamilton and Tracey Emin.

The notes and observations the students took allowed them to further their coursework by including images and photos they took in their art books. This will count towards their final grades in August, as it shows the students are studying a variety of artists and different styles of art from different periods of time.

Over the course of the day the students enhanced their knowledge on art, and additionally enjoyed a really fun afternoon looking found the gallery!

Year 9 Empower Day - Chelsea Football Club

Year 9 had an exciting time visiting Chelsea Football Club. They completed money management activities with the support of a local accountancy firm who enjoyed working with our students. After the activities the students had a tour of the ground.

ICT Conference - Disneyland Paris

On 8th February 2017, 11 year 9 and 10 girls from FCGS and 11 year 9 and 10 boys from FCBS went to the Study Experience ICT Conference at Disneyland Paris.  

Arriving at the Cheyenne Hotel in Disney was very exciting.  The first seminar took place in the IMAX cinema. This was the best seminar as it was about how Disney uses ICT to operate its rides and make them as thrilling, and safe, as possible for their customers. We also learnt how the light show, which is projected onto the Disney castle every night, was created.

The second seminar that we attended was interesting. We saw how much ICT based security is used for the Disney website and how important databases are for storing all of their information. After this, we spent some time in the theme park then eventually it was back to the hotel for dinner and a good nights’ sleep.

The trip was very enjoyable and we all learnt a lot about ICT and how it is used to make Disneyland such a fun place, but it was also good to get back to St Pancras, London, and home again.

Year 11 Empower Day - Historical Treasure Hunt / Theatre Visit

Responding to the different needs of our students is important at Fulham Cross Girls’ School so we decided to split the Y11s for one of their final EMPOWER days.  Half of the Year group took part in a ‘Cultural Treasure Hunt’ which saw us racing through the pouring rain in order to find interesting Historical facts along the Embankment, Southbank and around the Houses of Parliament.  Ms Burgess-Allen had provided a long list of treasures to unearth but mostly we really enjoyed being out of school together and learning about our fantastic home city and one of the finest capital cities in the world.

For the second half of the day we went to the ‘Unicorn Theatre’ where we enjoyed lunch and dried out a bit before watching a performance based on Cinderella but with a modern spin.  The students’ opinions were divided about the performance but all agreed it was food for thought and unanimously enjoyed the ‘cartoon-style’ chase sequence involving various weapons – not least a pitchfork!  Ms Tully said this was one of the loveliest days of her teaching career -   ‘All of the students on the trip were interested and interesting, polite and engaged.  It was a pleasure to be out with them for the day!’

Year 10 Empower Day - Health and Economic Education

Year 10 participated in an informative and enjoyable day relating to the Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) theme of Sex and Relationships, exploring key issues through a variety of workshops and activities.  Using materials produced for young people by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), the girls worked through a series of interactive scenarios designed to encourage them to think about Healthy Relationships and sources of advice.  Perhaps the high point of the day was the Interactive Workshop performed by actors from the Upfront Theatre Company, which sought to address some of the myths relating to Sex and Relationships in a light hearted but informative performance with several opportunities for the girls to contribute and discuss their opinions.  The girls took a full and active part in all the activities and their evaluations demonstrated an increase in knowledge and awareness of these issues – crucial for their ongoing personal development and well- being.

Year 8 Empower Day - Ripley's of London Visit

A joint venture by Maths ICT and History took year 8 to Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in Central London. The trip to the museum also took in a stroll by some of London’s famous landmarks.

On the way to the museum the girls went on a fact finding mission in Trafalgar Square where believe it or not they saw a gorilla knuckle walking around the square!

Once the girls arrived at Ripley’s they were introduced to an array of bizarre exhibits including two headed animals, the world’s tallest man, a matchstick model of London Bridge and a selection of shrunken heads. There was also gate puzzle that had the maths department bamboozled. After lunch and several trips to the mirror maze and black hole, the group made their way back to Fulham. On the way there was time to stop by Buckingham Palace. Outside the palace there was lots of courteous waving but unfortunately no queen to return the eager waves from the Fulham Cross girls.

All in all it was a great day with plenty of strange exhibits, plenty of London culture and plenty of walking.

Year 7 Empower Day Visit to KidZania

Pupils travelled on the 295 to Kidzania, Westfield for a chance to experience a world where they are in charge of their fate. It is safe to say the pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves, getting the chance to experience life as an adult, where they had to take on work to earn vital Kidzos so that they could spend their money at a variety of stalls throughout the child size city. Pupils relished in the opportunity to take on a variety of different jobs such as ambulance crew, fire fighters, police, pilots and many more. With others opting to go and study in the Kidzania University, so that when they took on jobs they could double their pay. Pupils even b-lined for making healthy cereal bars, holding up our no junk food policy, and doing labour intensive jobs such as window cleaning and delivering.

After getting their jobs signed off and verified pupils collected their wages and went to spend their kidzos on entertainment such as karaoke, face paints and tattoos.

Such an empowering day for Year 7 to experience the process of earning and buying as well as experience some of the jobs 1st hand.

Glee Club Regional Final

On Sunday 5th February, the Fulham Cross Glee Club graced the stages at the Jack Petchey Glee Club Regional Final at the Epsom Playhouse.  The glee club competed against 8 other groups for a place in the Grand Final at the O2 Indigo. The girls closed the 1st half of the show with their rendition of Chandelier with a stunning vocal and overall performance from Jessica Blankson (10L). Their second song was a fun and energetic performance of Breaking Free. Despite not getting through, the girls should be very proud of their two performances which were of a very high standard. We look forward to taking part in the glee club challenge in 2018!

Sky Sports Live

FCGS has been very lucky to have Hannah Beharry, local pro boxer, join us for our Sky Sports Living challenge. This year’s focus is on improving the girls’ confidence in PE and helping them reach their own individual targets. The year 8 girls have been very lucky to work not once, but twice with Hannah in an epic 6 keys to success fitness and boxing battle. Pupils will continue to work on their targets alongside the school’s Sports Leaders working up to their final session just after half-term. Hannah was also very kind to run a boxing master class for 10M during their PE lesson and for all pupils during lunch, seeing a massive 52 girls turn up to follow in an idol’s footsteps.

The 6 keys to success are:

1 – Mental Toughness 2 – Hunger to Achieve 3 – People Skills 4 – Sports and Life Knowledge

5 – Breaking Barriers:  6 – Planning for Success

Hunterian Museum Trip

After our arrival at the museum, we were immediately able to settle in as we began to browse at the museum’s collections of human and non-human anatomical and pathological specimens, models and sculptures ranging from the 17th century all the way to the present day. These collections ranged from the skeleton of the tallest man in the world to a foetal sloth which we were all very intrigued by. Whilst most of us took a look around finding out more facts about surgery in the 17th century, others attempted to sketch some of the models.

Furthermore, following our fascinating experience at the gallery, we then had the opportunity to have a session with some current surgeons who were recent graduates. During this session, we were taught how to carry out general surgery by having the experience of stitching up a wound on a faux arm using forceps, needles and a needle holder. Whilst doing this, we were also able to ask the surgeons some of the burning questions we had about surgery, a medical career and most importantly the pathway to achieve this all.

Moreover, the most exciting part of it all was being able to watch live surgery which included surgery ranging from neurosurgery to cardiovascular (heart) surgery. Of course, after watching these videos we were all very intrigued and fascinated and had many questions to ask!

After an insightful day at the Hunterian museum, we finally made it back to school taking back many interesting facts and applicable knowledge we could share with others.

By, Lana Al-Moosawi

Year 8 Empower Day - MFL

As part of the Empower Day programme Year 8 took part in interactive theatre performances of 'Les Trois Mousquetaires' and 'Don Quijote'. In preparation for the performances in the afternoon the Year 8 students researched the two famous novels and their characters, and then they created comic strips narrating the stories in a different way. Later they designed the costumes for the characters of the play using different textiles and finally learnt some key expressions in Spanish or French that they would need to use as part of the story.

 In the afternoon our performers from Freshwater arrived and set up. As part of these interactive performances our students were required to play the parts of the characters. The main characters repeated their lines enthusiastically and entertained their audience very successfully. Most of the year 8 who attended the ‘Don Quijote’ play performed, helping the story to unfold. All members of the audience took part in some way and repeated lines and sang a short song in French. The students really enjoyed the interactive performances and came away with a good understanding of famous French and Spanish novels. 

Year 9 Empower Day - Science Museum

Year 9 had a brilliant time at the Science museum during Empower Day. They attended a fantastic Rocket Show and consolidated their learning of Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of motion. They took part in activities on friction, gravity, sound waves and motion in the brand new Wonder lab.

They also learn that Isaac newton invented the cat flap.


Aladdin - The Lyric Theatre Visit

The second empower day for year 7’s was an absolute cracker with pupils experiencing the delights of The Lyric Theatre showing a fun filled performance of Aladdin, with a real flying carpet.  On arrival to the theatre, the most recent chart toppers were playing and in between the girls’ handfuls of popcorn they put their vocal chords to test and sang along. During the performance the girls were in awe of the fantastic costumes and talent on display and they particularly loved their role to play, responding to the characters, joining in with sing songs and even getting propelled sweets from the stage. The girls thought it could not get any better until Aladdin took to the magic carpet and flew out over the audience, a spectacular scene. This epic performance was all rounded off with snow falling over the audience, and the girls trying to catch as much as they could. Year 7 truly had a fantastic experience. When returning to school they put their creative sides to the test, with 4 different competitions. Each tutor produced a fantastic range of posters, reviews and letters. There was some beautiful work created, even with pop out posters, and glittery letters, pupils should be incredibly proud of their afternoon’s efforts.