Year 7 Empower Day Visit to KidZania

Pupils travelled on the 295 to Kidzania, Westfield for a chance to experience a world where they are in charge of their fate. It is safe to say the pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves, getting the chance to experience life as an adult, where they had to take on work to earn vital Kidzos so that they could spend their money at a variety of stalls throughout the child size city. Pupils relished in the opportunity to take on a variety of different jobs such as ambulance crew, fire fighters, police, pilots and many more. With others opting to go and study in the Kidzania University, so that when they took on jobs they could double their pay. Pupils even b-lined for making healthy cereal bars, holding up our no junk food policy, and doing labour intensive jobs such as window cleaning and delivering.

After getting their jobs signed off and verified pupils collected their wages and went to spend their kidzos on entertainment such as karaoke, face paints and tattoos.

Such an empowering day for Year 7 to experience the process of earning and buying as well as experience some of the jobs 1st hand.

Glee Club Regional Final

On Sunday 5th February, the Fulham Cross Glee Club graced the stages at the Jack Petchey Glee Club Regional Final at the Epsom Playhouse.  The glee club competed against 8 other groups for a place in the Grand Final at the O2 Indigo. The girls closed the 1st half of the show with their rendition of Chandelier with a stunning vocal and overall performance from Jessica Blankson (10L). Their second song was a fun and energetic performance of Breaking Free. Despite not getting through, the girls should be very proud of their two performances which were of a very high standard. We look forward to taking part in the glee club challenge in 2018!

Sky Sports Live

FCGS has been very lucky to have Hannah Beharry, local pro boxer, join us for our Sky Sports Living challenge. This year’s focus is on improving the girls’ confidence in PE and helping them reach their own individual targets. The year 8 girls have been very lucky to work not once, but twice with Hannah in an epic 6 keys to success fitness and boxing battle. Pupils will continue to work on their targets alongside the school’s Sports Leaders working up to their final session just after half-term. Hannah was also very kind to run a boxing master class for 10M during their PE lesson and for all pupils during lunch, seeing a massive 52 girls turn up to follow in an idol’s footsteps.

The 6 keys to success are:

1 – Mental Toughness 2 – Hunger to Achieve 3 – People Skills 4 – Sports and Life Knowledge

5 – Breaking Barriers:  6 – Planning for Success

Hunterian Museum Trip

After our arrival at the museum, we were immediately able to settle in as we began to browse at the museum’s collections of human and non-human anatomical and pathological specimens, models and sculptures ranging from the 17th century all the way to the present day. These collections ranged from the skeleton of the tallest man in the world to a foetal sloth which we were all very intrigued by. Whilst most of us took a look around finding out more facts about surgery in the 17th century, others attempted to sketch some of the models.

Furthermore, following our fascinating experience at the gallery, we then had the opportunity to have a session with some current surgeons who were recent graduates. During this session, we were taught how to carry out general surgery by having the experience of stitching up a wound on a faux arm using forceps, needles and a needle holder. Whilst doing this, we were also able to ask the surgeons some of the burning questions we had about surgery, a medical career and most importantly the pathway to achieve this all.

Moreover, the most exciting part of it all was being able to watch live surgery which included surgery ranging from neurosurgery to cardiovascular (heart) surgery. Of course, after watching these videos we were all very intrigued and fascinated and had many questions to ask!

After an insightful day at the Hunterian museum, we finally made it back to school taking back many interesting facts and applicable knowledge we could share with others.

By, Lana Al-Moosawi

Year 8 Empower Day - MFL

As part of the Empower Day programme Year 8 took part in interactive theatre performances of 'Les Trois Mousquetaires' and 'Don Quijote'. In preparation for the performances in the afternoon the Year 8 students researched the two famous novels and their characters, and then they created comic strips narrating the stories in a different way. Later they designed the costumes for the characters of the play using different textiles and finally learnt some key expressions in Spanish or French that they would need to use as part of the story.

 In the afternoon our performers from Freshwater arrived and set up. As part of these interactive performances our students were required to play the parts of the characters. The main characters repeated their lines enthusiastically and entertained their audience very successfully. Most of the year 8 who attended the ‘Don Quijote’ play performed, helping the story to unfold. All members of the audience took part in some way and repeated lines and sang a short song in French. The students really enjoyed the interactive performances and came away with a good understanding of famous French and Spanish novels. 

Year 9 Empower Day - Science Museum

Year 9 had a brilliant time at the Science museum during Empower Day. They attended a fantastic Rocket Show and consolidated their learning of Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of motion. They took part in activities on friction, gravity, sound waves and motion in the brand new Wonder lab.

They also learn that Isaac newton invented the cat flap.


Aladdin - The Lyric Theatre Visit

The second empower day for year 7’s was an absolute cracker with pupils experiencing the delights of The Lyric Theatre showing a fun filled performance of Aladdin, with a real flying carpet.  On arrival to the theatre, the most recent chart toppers were playing and in between the girls’ handfuls of popcorn they put their vocal chords to test and sang along. During the performance the girls were in awe of the fantastic costumes and talent on display and they particularly loved their role to play, responding to the characters, joining in with sing songs and even getting propelled sweets from the stage. The girls thought it could not get any better until Aladdin took to the magic carpet and flew out over the audience, a spectacular scene. This epic performance was all rounded off with snow falling over the audience, and the girls trying to catch as much as they could. Year 7 truly had a fantastic experience. When returning to school they put their creative sides to the test, with 4 different competitions. Each tutor produced a fantastic range of posters, reviews and letters. There was some beautiful work created, even with pop out posters, and glittery letters, pupils should be incredibly proud of their afternoon’s efforts.

EMPOWER Awards Evening

Thursday 10th November saw our inaugural EMPOWER awards evening .The event was designed to celebrate the EXCEL ACADEMICALLY EVERYDAY strand of our EMPOWER charter. The EMPOWER charter summarises our values as a school. The event was organised to celebrate the students in each year group who came top last academic year for both achievement and progress.

We were delighted to welcome back 30 former Year 11s who in addition to collecting their prizes also collected their exam certificates. All were thrilled to return and acted as brilliant role models for the younger students also collecting awards.

This was a formal event with speeches from Mr Haylock, Ms Fox and an inspirational guest speaker Teresa Reynolds. Teresa is a local woman and award winning social entrepreneur who spoke about her own journey to success. She spoke around the theme of EMPOWER and used powerful metaphors and give the students strong mantras to use to encourage themselves.

Students then received awards from their LPCs for outstanding achievement and progress. Prizes were beautiful scrolls and a specially selected book with an inscription.

Ms Fox then spoke about the excellent year the school has had; from our outstanding OFSTED report, to being the best school in Hammersmith and Fulham and the top 1% of schools in the country for progress!


All the prize winners should be incredibly proud of themselves and we look forward to celebrating again next year! 

Music for Youth Concert - Royal Albert Hall

A fabulous time at the Music for Youth Concert at the Royal Albert Hall with GCSE Music students with high aspirations. 

RS Conference Trip

On Friday 4th November a group of year 11 students set off to Covent Garden to attend a Religious Studies conference. The conference was hosted by Dr Peter Vardy. Dr Peter Vardy is a philosopher, theologian and author. The programme offered different religious opinions on the existence of God, war, peace and Justice, early life and sex and relationships. The students got the chance to debate on stage with students from other schools across London. Debates included whether the use of drones during war was ethical and whether humans should be using genetic modification and embryo selection to better improve the human race when it comes to intelligence and the selection of genes that would allow parents to choose what eye and hair colour their child had. The students thoroughly enjoyed their day and they all benefitted from being able to develop their opinions, expanding their knowledge and hearing other people’s opinions on the topics they are studying for the GCSE exams

The Brilliant Club Visits The Royal Holloway University

On the 3rd of November, some Year 7s and 8s went to the Royal Holloway University in Egham. After a long bus and train journey and a brisk walk up a long hill we found the entrance and made our way in.  We were greeted by a Student Ambassador, named Alice, who led us to a building where we were assigned groups and given our timetable for the day.

The first thing that we had to do was to take a tour around the campus.  We started off at an auditorium that was attached to ‘Tommy’s Burger Shop’. The ambassador led us to a series of cafes and shops that students can go to. Then we saw a huge, old fashioned chapel where the choir sings on Christmas Day and a beautiful library with a patterned ceiling and old wooden bookshelves.  Later on, as the morning progressed, we were shown student accommodations and a large square with a statue of Queen Victoria. Also the statue of Mr and Mrs Holloway who founded the university.

We all thoroughly enjoyed lunch, and then posed under a tree for a picture.

Soon it was our turn to go and have a talk with Noga, our tutor and a PhD student. She was very interested in us and we talked about the French Revolution (our study subject for the next couple of weeks).

After a long discussion, we had to head back down to the lecture room for a presentation on Royal Holloway University.

All in all it was a very fun and fascinating day and all of us would definitely do it again.


By Meriam,7F

Year 7s Tea Party

On the 8th of November the Year 7s invited their Year 6 teachers to see their progress. There were yummy refreshments as well as lots of buzzing chatter as over 20 teachers from 11 primary schools attended.

The Fulham Cross girls took their teachers on a tour around the school and showed off the things they have learnt and their work, they also had a nice chat. Our visitors were amazed at how the secondary school differs from the primary school.

 The tea party was amazing and I’m sure that everyone would agree. The teachers who came were fascinated by our work and how we have matured.  

 Nadia from 7M said, “It was so fun and enjoyable to see our teachers.”

 Daisy from 7U commented, “It was a nice, enjoyable evening and I liked chatting with my old teachers!”

 “The tea party was extremely fun and it was a great way for our teachers to see what we have done and our progress”, said Rayan from 7M .

Thank you to all the teachers from the following primary schools for finding the time to visit Fulham Cross: Langford, Sulivan, All Saints, Thomas Academy, Queens Manor, Normand Croft, Fulham Primary, St Clement & St James, Hotham, Avonmore, and Sir John Lillie.

Netball - Borough Champions

Netball Borough Champions



In the Autumn term, Fulham Cross Girls School entered the Year 10 and Year 11 Hammersmith and Fulham Borough Netball Tournament. These were held at Phoenix High School.   On both occasions, the teams worked together to demonstrate excellent skills and dedicated team work.  In the year 11 competition, Fulham cross Girls school came joint 1st.   In the year 10 competition, we were able to enter two fantastic teams, who managed to achieve 1st and 2nd place.   We are extremely proud of our girls

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Fulham Cross took part in the annual ‘MacMillan Biggest Coffee Morning’ on Friday 30th September 2016 with great success. A group of year 9 future leaders organised and facilitated the cake sale in a professional manner. The total raised for charity was £120.

Well-done to all those that contributed, baked and bought cakes. 

Year 8 Empower Day - Rock School

Year 8 spent an eventful day attending the first Fulham Cross Rock School. At Rock School, students used their amazing mathematical skills to plan and develop a Rock Concert. The day started off with students gathering data to find out what people want at a rock concert. The Fulham Cross junk food ban clearly didn’t apply at this concert, as salads and sugar free drinks weren’t high on the list!

During this stage of events Ms Asiedu roamed the room looking for the likely winners while Mr Warriss reminisced about his first Abba concert. Meanwhile back on the floor the students had designed their Rock Stage 3d Prisms and set their stage lighting using loci. After this session the student teams had to present their Rock Concert plan to the teacher panel. It was a tough decision the eventual Rock Stars were Meeyah, Leiyah, Hamida, Tamara, Douaa, Mariam, Phoebe, Lina and Tyler.


Year 9 Students - Street Day Culture - Empower Day

The year 9 students showcased their creative side at this year’s Street Day Culture Empower day. Students carried out two workshops during the day and then came back to exhibit and perform their work to the rest of the year group. Students made some fantastic tasty spring rolls and crepes which included a demonstration.  The Art team transformed the classroom into a London fashion catwalk for the students to display their amazing street fashion designs.  The street Graffiti workshop really captured the student’s personal emotions. They learnt basic techniques inspired by the female graffiti artist known as “Boxhead.” In Performing Arts the theatre workshop saw students experimenting with a variety of street theatre forums with many students taking on a lead role.  The music department led a rhythm based performance using junk instruments. Students put on a loud and energetic musical theatre performance inspired by the west end show ‘Stomp’. The final item was a performance by the street dancers who gave an incredible routine with the help of AMH Sports.    Overall, the day was a huge success and a highly enjoyable experience showcasing the array of talents in the year group.  We look forward to doing it all again next year. 

Year 7 Empower Day - Walton Firs

On 7th October we took the new Year 7’s on their first ever Empower Day to Walton Firs. It is safe to say that the day was a resounding success. It consisted of a lot challenges designed to test each group’s ability to work together, communicate and overcome challenges.   These skills were seen in abundance throughout the day and the girls really took to the tasks working with each other and developing the vital skills needed to empower each of them.

Although it was a chilly day it did not dampen the girls’ spirits, they threw themselves into every activity and in particular the adventure course, with many emerging covered from head to toe in mud. There was a real sense of camaraderie as the girls worked through the tasks. A truly great empowering day, and hopefully the first of many to come for Year 7.

Key Stage 4 Sports Day

On Friday 7th of October Year 10 and 11 took part in the first ever key stage 4 sports day which was held at Barn Elms Sports Centre.   The day was a fantastic success, showcasing and celebrating the ability of all students.  Not only did we have our track and field events which are always a huge success, we also had a multi sports competition consisting of football, netball and kwik cricket. Every student played in a sports team, as well as performing in multiple athletics events. The encouragement and support the girls showed each other throughout the day was phenomenal bringing a really positive vibe to the already great day! After all of the suspense from the 100m to the relays, students had a bit of fun competing in sack races, as well as the tug of war.  Fun was had by everyone. The rain stayed away too! Overall a great day was had by all staff and students. 

Year 11 Geography Fieldwork Residential Visit to Swanage

The Year 11’s took a trip to the Dorset coastline on the 21st-23th September in order to complete their fieldwork for their Geography controlled assessment. The trip was a chance for the girls to experience a completely different environment to Hammersmith and Fulham and as we journeyed south the weather turned up to give a glorious three days of sunshine. The girls approached their work with a wonderful attitude and returned fresh with enormous amounts of data to use and the challenge set down from myself and Mr McIntyre of achieving some top marks. Well done girls.

 Mr Hudson

Youth Parliament

Fulham Cross Girls' School encourages our students to be politically engaged so their voices can be heard.  A shining example of this is Deputy Youth Member of Parliament Huma who delivered assemblies to the whole school this week, alongside Salsabeel, Shan and Xii Cin.

Fully embracing the 'Respect my Community' aspect of our EMPOWER charter the students urged the whole school cohort to vote on the matters they think are the most important so that the Youth Parliament can take these issues to the House of Commons later in the year.  Furthermore, the girls 'motivated myself and others' by organising themselves to set up all the ballot papers before school, by planning the whole assembly and delivering it without any teachers input.  Well done girls!