Personal Safety and Well-being Ethos 

"The behaviour of pupils in lessons and around the academy is of a very high standard. Pupils are keen to do well, enjoy their lessons and work diligently and hard. Staff have consistently high expectations of pupils’ attitudes to learning and the progress they make."

HMI OFSTED Inspection – November 2015

Fulham Cross Girls’ School is proud to be a fully inclusive school which embraces the needs of the diverse community that it serves.  Students that attend Fulham Cross Girls’ School hail from in excess of 50 countries and speak well over 100 languages and all come together to learn harmoniously in our school environment.


At Fulham Cross we put learning at the heart of all that we do. We offer a high quality education presented through a stimulating and successful learning environment which students at every level of secondary education can thrive in. Such an environment seeks to promote healthy relationships, mutual respect, safety and co-operation between all members of our school community. We believe that all of our students have the right to learn effectively every day and our success with this is evident in the results that we achieve at the end of Year 11. 

The cornerstone of the school is our Empower Charter and we believe that students need to Own their behaviour.  This means that students need to take responsibility for the choices that they make whether they are wise choices or poor choices.  We, as a school, do not seek to teach students how to behave, we believe that students know this from the values that have been instilled in them by their families.  We believe our role is to hone these skills and ensure that students are prepared for life beyond Fulham Cross.

The school prides itself on offering a personalised and safe environment for the students to learn in.  Our OFSTED Behaviour Inspection in November 2015 noted:

"The consistent application of the systems by all staff, including those new to the academy, ensures that all pupils understand the very high expectations required by the academy of their behaviour.

Pupils are unanimous that bullying is very rare. They can describe different types of bullying, but feel that any incidents of perceived bullying at the academy are ‘silly banter’ and dealt with quickly and efficiently."

HMI OFSTED Inspection – November 2015

Students that choose to attend Fulham Cross Girls’ School do so on the understanding that they are privileged to learn in an environment that will support them in their growth throughout their time at the school.  Our students also appreciate the need to conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to learning so that they, and their peers can flourish in our school environment.