Tia Wins Stephen Wiltshire Art Competition


A £6 million state-of-the-art centre for children and young people with disabilities and their families has been opened in Fulham – with world renowned artist Stephen Wiltshire MBE giving his name to the community resource.

Designed with local families of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, the Stephen Wiltshire Centre is a unique base in Queensmill Road, Fulham, where children and young and their families will be able to take part in activities and access information, advice and support.

The centre was opened by Stephen, a former pupil of Queensmill School in Shepherds Bush, who has autism. His incredibly detailed cityscapes, drawn from memory, have amazed the art world since he first received media attention as a teenager in the 1980s.

At the opening event on last month, Stephen unveiled a storyboard capturing the journey from consultation with families through to the opening of the centre, which will permanently adorn the centre. It shows how families worked with H&F Council to turn our joint vision into a reality.

He also presented prizes to young people with special needs and disabilities who won an art competition themed around the launch. The three winning pieces will inspire the creation of the centre’s new logo, in the coming months.

We are proud to announce that our very own Tia, who is a student at the Queensmill Unit within Fulham Cross, won the 12-15 art category! Congratulations Tia!

Alumni Dance Workshop

Allysha, an Alumni from FES, and a peer from BBO Dance School conducted a wonderful workshop with Year 7 students from Fulham Cross Girls’ School earlier this month.

The workshop began with a short introduction to the overall theme. This consisted of a brief discussion with the students explaining the theme of the set material, why this was chosen and some clips of the piece they will be learning as well as a professional piece of dance to link it to and hopefully inspire the students.

After this, the students had a warm-up session that was a fun and energetic pulse raiser – getting the girls to move around the room and get ready to work. They were then guided through 4 short technique exercises to prepare their bodies, and minds for the set material. This consisted of bends, leg/toe stretches, small and large jump sequence. Once this was completed, students began learning the set material. This dance was based upon the story of ‘The Ugly Duckling’, it is a familiar story that students knew and they related to in terms of having a sense of belonging, especially in this transitional stage in their lives. We think that this relatability made portraying the character and the story much easier for the students.

To finish the workshop, we filmed the Ugly Duckling material and watched the clip back with the students, allowing them time to reflect on their work. This particular programme supports students physically, socially and emotionally. The workshop gave them the opportunity to take part in physical activity that was not only enjoyable, but also created some physical challenge for the participants — pushing them to be their best in a controlled and nurturing environment.

Additionally, the reflection aspect of the programme allowed students to evaluate and feel proud of the work they had learnt and created. We hope that this will inspire students not only within dance, but will also give them the confidence, determination and problem-solving skills that they can transfer to different aspects of their lives as young people.

Year 11 Saatchi Gallery Trip

On Wednesday 17th October, Year 11 Art students visited the Saatchi gallery to visit the newest exhibition, Black Mirror. Students were brought on a guided tour of the exhibition and afterwards completed a workshop based on the theme behind one of the artist’s work. Students created a wide variety of different art pieces, all of which had to be destroyed in some way.  

Year 11 student Athena stated: “The Saatchi gallery visit was a fun and engaging experience.  To be able to see a whole collection of art  pieces that held their own opinions, and ideas about the political world was inspiring and a self-teaching discovery.  I enjoyed especially being able to create my own Valerie Hegarty artwork, and sharing my own interpretations about the idea of destruction.”

Student Marwa also thoroughly enjoyed this experience and was inspired by the use of a range of materials to showcase ideas “Visiting this exhibition has benefited me and given me ideas to improve my art work, I feel inspired to experiment with different materials to express my ideas.”


Year 11 Trip to Oxford University


Earlier this month, a group of Year 11 students visited Magdalen College and Hertford College at Oxford University.

Students received lectures from doctorial students in Oriental Studies, Linguistics and English Literature - focusing on three published versions of Hamlet.

After the lectures, our girls had a tour of Hertford College and joined university students in their celebratory Diwali lunch in the college canteen.


The girls were challenged to think about their wider options after an afternoon session with three current Oxford University students on A Levels, University subject choice and wider career paths.

It was a fabulous day out and it has encouraged our girls to challenge themselves, strive for success and hopefully, attend Oxford University themselves one day.

Trailblazers Trip


During October half term, students went on to the TrailBlazers Adventure Camp in Dorset! The TrailBlazer programme aims to help teenage girls develop the mindset and skills to increase their confidence and live courageously. Fulham Cross Girls’ School was lucky enough to be a pilot school for the programme for the past year.

To celebrate the end of the pilot, students went on a trip to the PGL Osmington Bay Adventure Camp in Dorset. The girls participated in various activities, such as Drop Swing, Jacobs Ladder, Camp Fires and Beach Walks.

Alongside these activities, the girls had athlete mentor sessions which focused on self appreciation, next steps and how far they have come during the programme. The girls had the opportunity to mix with other schools and there was an Award Ceremony at the end of the trip. One of our students Amy won a silver “OneLife” necklace due to her success throughout the programme.

Amy said: “I learnt more about myself and my inner-strength during this programme. I have realised it has gotten easier for me to socialise with people that I don’t know.”

Bank of England comes to FCGS


In October, Linda O’Toole from the Bank of England visited the school to talk to the girls about what the bank does and what career opportunities are available.

Linda talked about her impressive career and how she came to work as a Senior Legal Counsel at the Bank of England.

The girls were quizzed on various trivia to do with the bank, such as “Who is the current Governor?” and “Who was the first monarch to appear on the Bank of England note?”.

Linda explained to the girls what the Bank of England actually does – from printing banknotes, to storing gold, to maintaining the value of the pound.

The girls were amazed at the different career opportunities that are available to them and it was clear that the inspirational talk by Linda had ignited a passion for finance in many of the girls.

It was such a pleasure to have Linda visit the school, her impressive resume, alongside her passion for the Bank of England was an honour to witness.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Philadelphia Eagles


On Sunday, students and staff from Fulham Cross, Fulham College and our Enterprise Studio went to Wembley Stadium to watch an NFL match.

A record-breaking 85,870 fans turned up to watch the Philadelphia Eagles play the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The atmosphere in the stadium was magnificent and it was a great experience for all our staff and students, especially as for some, this was their first experience of an NFL game.

Every Wednesday, students from Fulham Cross, Fulham College and the Enterprise Studio play Jag Tag – a game created by the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Jag Tag is a simplified tag version of American Football and taught by professionals from the Jacksonville Jaguars – it encourages players to work tactically and as a team.

Tickets to the NFL game were awarded to students who have shown dedication to Jag Tag by attending and getting involved in all the sessions.


The students were extremely well behaved and fully immersed themselves into the NFL culture and game! To top it all off, graduates from our Enterprise Studio Tasnim and Eryk, received a congratulatory applause from all the spectators for winning the Jaguars UK and LGTVestra US Gridiron Grant earlier this year. The award means that neither of them have to pay for their university fees for the next three years!

Although we were disappointed to see the Jaguars lose the match we still had a thrilling day out.

Don’t forget, Jag Tag is on every Wednesday 3-5pm at Fulham College Boys’ School Astro turf.

4 students receive EMPOWER certificates for outstanding success

 Athena’s entry for the NATRE competition last week

Athena’s entry for the NATRE competition last week

National success across the board as three of our students have won prestigious awards, nationally and within the borough, and another student spoke and then performed the violin in the House of Commons.

Year 11 student, Athena, is one of the winners of the national art competition ‘Spirited Arts’ held by the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education. In its 14th year, the competition has attracted over 300,000 participants! Athena submitted 4 entries, one for each theme, and all 4 were picked by the judges!

Athena said: “I really want to thank Ms Hosp, I never thought I would win this competition, but she gave me the support and confidence to go for it – and I won.”

 Zarah with her poem at the NASUWT awards last week

Zarah with her poem at the NASUWT awards last week

Zarah, a Year 10 student, won the ‘Arts and Minds’ competition, run by NASUWT. The competition was on diversity and Zarah submitted a wonderful poem – placing her in the top 12 in the entire country out of 10,000 entries. She won an overnight stay in the prestigious Amba Hotel in Charing Cross and a private booking on the London Eye with the other winners.

Zarah said: “It was such a memorable experience. I never expected to win and I am so thankful that I had this opportunity.”

Last week, at the Hammersmith and Fulham Community Sports Awards 2018, our Year 10 student, Suhair, won the Young Ambassador of the year award for her continued dedication and contribution to sports with the school.

 Inaya with Floella benjamin in the house of commons

Inaya with Floella benjamin in the house of commons

Suhair said: “I am so glad the school offers things like this. At the school I was able to become a sports leader and that is what empowered me to go on and achieve something like this.”

Last, but my no means least, Inaya, a Year 10 student, was in the Speaker’s House on Tuesday where she addressed members of parliament with a speech and then performed a piece on the violin. Inaya, performing with a quartet, played a traditional Hungarian tune for the house – which was greatly received.

Inaya said: “It was an amazing experience. I got to meet Floella Benjamin and lots of other MPs. It is an experience I will remember forever.”

We are so proud of our girls and their dedication and continued success within the school – they are a credit to us and to themselves.

Denise Fox, Head Teacher at Fulham Cross, said: “Not only do we promote academic success within our school, but as part of our empower charter we encourage girls to grab all opportunities with both hands. I have awarded each girl with an EMPOWER certificate and badge to thank them for being outstanding ambassadors for the school.

“Once again we are in the top 1% of schools nationally for progress and it is all down to the hard work and dedication of our girls and staff. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in the last few weeks and look forward to what our girls will achieve over the next year.”

Year 11 student wins national art competition

 Athena’s entry

Athena’s entry

Our Year 11 student, Athena, is one of the winners of national art competition ‘Spirited Arts’ held annually by the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education (NATRE). Over 1800 students were selected from schools from across the UK and entered into ‘Spirted Arts’ this year, to get people thinking about Religious Education (RE) through art.

In its 14th year, this competition has attracted over 300,000 participants averaging 20,000 partakers per year since 2004. Hundreds of UK schools get involved, and it gets entries coming from as far afield as Cyprus and Australia, Indonesia and South Africa.

The annual competition starts at the beginning of every school year and runs through to 31 July, in order to enable teachers to incorporate the art competition into their RE lessons. Many schools have an ‘Art in Heaven’ unit of work, or a special learning RE/arts week.

Our RS teacher, ,Ms Hosp, who nominated Athena for the award said:

‘We are delighted that Athena has been recognised as a winner. The students and I look forward to the Spirited Arts competition every year, because even though this is an art competition catalysed by the RE subject association it not only provides an opportunity to think critically about current affairs and values but it also provides a great platform for cross-curricular activity combining subjects like Art, RE, Literacy and even History, which allows our students to explore different ways of learning.’

Judging took place over the summer by RE Today Adviser Lat Blaylock and students from Kings Norton Girls School.

Lat Blaylock comments on the competition as a whole:

‘Spirited Arts is in its 14th year and has attracted over 300,000 participants averaging 20,000 participants per year since 2004, with hundreds of UK schools get involved. Every year the entries are a pleasure to see because they show that children and young people are doing vital thinking about the big issues of beliefs and values through their school RE. Young people from 3-19 express themselves with astonishing depth and clarity. Well done to all pupils and teachers involved.

When some people are cynical about the young and others think religion is out of date, I dare them to look at our web galleries of pupil art and remain unmoved.’

All the winners and some entries from 2017 can be found on the Spirited Arts gallery:

The 2018 Sprinted Arts competition is now open to see the new themes and submit your entry visit:

FCGS wins the Schools for Success Award!

The exceptional performance of Fulham Cross Girls’ School has been honoured by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Schools for Success1.jpg

We were invited to the Schools for Success awards ceremony at City Hall on Friday 5th October, to celebrate our achievements in supporting pupils needing extra help to fulfil their potential – we were the only secondary school in Hammersmith and Fulham to receive the prestigious award!

The Mayor’s programme aims to improve expectations and raise standards for London’s schoolchildren, regardless of their background.

Now in its second year, Schools for Success has created a network through which schools can share experiences and best practice with others across London.

More than 100 eligible schools are invited to join the programme and every local authority in the capital now has a school it can look to as an example. This group, refreshed annually, represents approximately six per cent of the capital’s schools.

Friday’s ceremony was hosted by Deputy Mayor for Education and Childcare Joanne McCartney.  Fulham Cross Girls’ School has been recognised by the Schools for Success programme, because it has “A relentless focus on ‘Universal Teaching’ ensuring challenge for all” and due to its continued academic success and strong empower ethos.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “I’d like to congratulate Fulham Cross Girls’ School for the fantastic work of their staff and pupils in the last year. Our Schools for Success programme shows the significant difference that a supportive and inclusive teaching environment can make for all pupils.

“London has some of the best schools in the country in the capital and by working together we can make sure that every young Londoner is given the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

Head Teacher at Fulham Cross, Denise Fox, said: “We are so honoured to have been picked to receive this award for the second year running. We are absolutely committed to raising the standards for our girls -which is demonstrated through our continued success and our fantastic examination outcomes. We are an outstanding school in the top 2% of the country for progress and we are so proud that all our efforts have been recognised by the Mayor of London.”.”

Of the schools recognised this year, more than a third are participating for the second year running, Fulham Cross is one of those schools. All participating schools are encouraged to share their expertise with others through seminars and visits so that their success can be multiplied across London.

London’s schools are still outperforming the rest of the country. Overall 92 per cent of London’s schools are rated as good or outstanding by Ofsted, the highest of any region. Fulham Cross is proud to be an outstanding school within the region.

Our first Empower Breakfast Talk!


This morning, our girls attended our first Empower Breakfast Talk. Our Empower talks are open to the whole school and take place on a Wednesday morning throughout the term.

Our speaker today, Ms Courtney Hosp - Head of Humanities at Fulham Cross, addressed 49 of our girls in the library before lesson. Ms Hosp told students how she grabbed different opportunities throughout her academic and professional life, and urged them to do the same.

Opportunities such as internships, work experience, university and jobs were discussed with the girls - teaching them to be empowered and to take responsibility for their futures.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the talk and hopefully it will encourage them to take control of their future and to leave Fulham Cross feeling empowered and ready for a life beyond our doors.

Ms Fox gets lifetime achievement award!

TES award.PNG

In June 2018, our Head Teacher, Ms Fox, won the prestigious TES award for Lifetime Achievement!

The accolade came as a complete surprise to Ms Fox at the TES Awards night — she wasn’t even aware that she had been nominated!

Ms Fox, said: “I’m very touched to get the award for something I have enjoyed doing for the last 40 years.

“It’s the best job in the world. I have loved coming to work and I know I’m very lucky that’s the case.”

Ms Fox was nominated for a TES Lifetime Achievement Award by Ms Tully - Deputy Head at Fulham Cross. Ms Tully herself won one of Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s Civic Honours in the most dedicated teacher category last year.

Ms Fox has worked in just two schools in her career, spanning several roles – both of them in Hammersmith and Fulham. She started as a home economics teacher at Hurlingham Girls’ School (now the Hurlingham Academy) in 1976 before joining Fulham Cross in 1985 as head of sixth form.

The Fulham resident has taught three generations of some families at Fulham Cross. Some pupils have had their grandmothers and mothers study there.

“I love this school, my heart is in this school,” she said.

“It never feels like coming to work. There’s something about this school that draws people in – it’s happy place. A happy and successful place.”

She said she is proud of Fulham Cross’ success. It’s rated outstanding by Ofsted and is consistently among the top two percent nationally for pupil progress.

The award was well-deserved - the dedication and commitment Ms Fox has shown to teaching and to Fulham Cross is evident to everyone who visits the school.

Watch the interview with Ms Fox here.

Year 7 trip to Walton Firs

Image 3.jpg

Our new Year 7s had a wonderful trip yesterday to Walton Firs! They spent the day team building, problem solving, and participating in various adventure activities, such as low ropes, climbing, crate stacking, and more.

The girls had a real chance to bond and make new friends - supporting each other through the challenges of the day.

Some lovely quotes from our Year 7s:

"I loved today, I really challenged myself and I succeeded!"

"I enjoyed working with people who I hadn't had the chance to meet yet."

"This really made us bond with our groups and we had so much fun".




Outstanding GCSE Progress, Once Again!

Our students have, once again, excelled in their GCSE results!

Year 11 Group Image.JPG

Last week, our Year 11 leavers came into school to collect their much awaited GCSE results. There was disbelief accompanied by shrieks of joy as students opened up their envelopes and looked upon everything they had achieved.

Student progress has been outstanding this year and it places the school significantly above the national average. We pride ourselves on enabling students the opportunity to achieve beyond their expectations, and in light of the new grading system, the school couldn't be prouder of our Year 11 leavers.

Headteacher with pupils.JPG

Head of School, Denise Fox, who is extremely happy with last week's results, said: "Once again, we have achieved absolutely fantastic results and the hard work of all the staff and students has paid off".

Students and staff set off party poppers and celebrated with flutes of sparkling cranberry as we toasted to their success.

Outstanding individual performance include a clean sweep of top grades for Lara Arif, who achieved 6 grade 9s and 3 grade 8s - results which have enabled her to secure a place at Putney High School. Alongside excelling academically, Lara was also a member of the Student Senior Leadership Team, and was passionate about Performing Arts - taking part in four school performances and representing the school in Glee Club - all whilst balancing her academic studies.

Reflecting on her time here at Fulham Cross, Lara said: "FCGS is amazing - not only do they push you academically, but they help you to develop as a person. I couldn't have achieved all this without the support of all the staff - I couldn't be happier."

Amongst the smiling faces last Thursday was Hiba Al-Moosawi, who was not only a member of the Student Senior Leadership Team, but also the former Youth Mayor for Hammersmith and Fulham. Hiba managed to balance her commitments with her studying and was thrilled with her results, she said: "It's important to have self-belief and to dedicate yourself to your work. The teachers [at Fulham Cross] give you so much support - they care so much about us and its thanks to them that we have done so well."

Delighted with her results, Head Girl, Jessica Krasniqi said: "I feel amazing. Fulham Cross has made me the person I am today. I can't express how I feel - for once, I am speechless."

Last Thursday morning say our last year's Year 11s take another significant step towards bright futures, with several of our students securing scholarships at Putney High School, and many others going on to study at excellent schools within the Borough, including Harris Westminster, Holland Park, Latymer Upper School and Lady Margarets. 

Year 10 Geography Students Field Study at Walton on the Naze

On 27th June, Year 10 Geography students took part in a field study at Walton-on-the-Naze. The purpose was to study how management schemes have affected the natural processes at work along the coast. Fieldwork in an essential component for their GCSE final exams and in order to be adequately prepared, they carried a series of techniques to collect primary data. Walton-on-the-Naze is a particularly good place to visit as it has very dramatic coastlines. One side of the coastline is protected whilst the other is not, therefore comparisons can be made.

The trip was very successful! The students were able to see in action the different coastal processes and defences they had learnt about in class. The student’s behaviour was as perfect as the weather!

Year 8 Students Visit to Kingston University

On Thursday the 14th June 21 Year 8’s visited Kingston University. Students had a tour of the campus, met students studying Financial Economics, Maths, Social work and Sports Science and learnt about University Life.

Students enjoyed lunch in the university canteen where pizzas, burgers and chips were made freshly for them and they got to sit and eat with students and lecturers and really soak up the atmosphere of university life.

In the afternoon students worked in groups to design and present their ideal university. There were universities in space, the amazon and under the sea teaching subjects such as astronomy, zoology geology and marine biology.


Year 9 really enjoyed their crime safety day, they watched a play on the consequences of anti- social behaviour, met police dogs who search prisoners for mobile phones and contraband, looked at the work of the London Fire Brigade and met an ex prisoner who had made something of his life after a conviction.

The day was about making the right choices in life and how society deals with people who make the wrong choices. Students experienced what is was like to be in prison as they took a look at what a prison cell looked like and spoke to prison officers who currently worked in prisons across the country. The day was invaluable for the students and made them think about crime and punishment.


On Friday 11th May, our year 7 girls had an engaging, challenging and interactive PE Empower Day.  They had the opportunity to learn some new skills whilst developing their fitness and having fun.  The day consisted of 5 different workshops which were Martial Arts, Break Dance, Football, Basketball and Fitness.  A company called ‘Let Me Play’ came in to run these exciting workshops.  The program enabled pupils to take progressive steps in their attainment and achievement.  At the end of the day, a number of students were awarded prizes for their commitment and sportsmanship.

Year 10 GCSE Spanish Class visit to BFI - Southbank

In May, Ms Iggoute and Ms Fearon took the Y10 GCSE Spanish class to the BFI in Southbank to take part in the Spanish film workshop which showcased a variety of Spanish films. The students were engaged throughout the lessons, which were conducted only in Spanish. The best part of the day was watching a full length movie called 'No Se Aceptan Devoluciones' which the students really enjoyed. Without naming names, there were a few tears due to the shocking twist in the ending!

Year 9 Business and Enterprise Day - CFC

On Friday the 11th May Year 9 spent the day at Chelsea Football Club working on a Business and Enterprise project. Using business skills, marketing and social media they had to come up with a plan to get people who did not like football to visit Stamford Bridge the home of Chelsea.

Business plans included fashion, perfume, exercise and nutritional trackers and working with charities.

At the end of the day Students presented their ideas to the Marketing Team at Chelsea Football Club who were impressed by the students Business Plans.