CWIZZ Competition

On the 25th April, 8 students from Year 7 in Fulham Cross Girls’ School and Fulham College Boys’ School were chosen to take part in a very exciting quiz; CWIZZ by CWISL (Children’s Writers and Illustrators for Stories and Literacy). The 4 chosen from FCGS were: Fatima 7F, Zahra 7U, Fahima 7H and Ikram 7M. CWIZZ is a contest between many Hammersmith and Fulham schools focusing on books as they compete against each other to win the title of CWIZZ Champions (and a big trophy!).  This year about 25 schools took part in the quiz at Latymer and Godolphin School. When we arrived at the venue we were all extremely excited to see so many other contestants. It was finally time for the quiz, so we began reading the questions. There were six rounds of questions, each focusing on a different theme. The questions were challenging, but everyone tried their best to complete as many as we could.

It was quite nerve-racking, as we were the representatives for Fulham Cross; we didn’t want to let the school down.  The scores were in, and we were a little bit disappointed as we did not win; however, we were motivated to do better next year. Zahra from 7U said, “Despite not winning, I was really grateful for the experience”. It was a lot of fun and we would all certainly recommend this for others to take part in this exhilarating competition. We were also privileged to meet some famous authors: Patricia Elliot, Sarah Grant, Ross Montgomery, Jo Franklin, Margaret Bateson-Hill, Mo O’ Hora, Sarah Mussi and Karen Owen, who read out extracts from their latest books. Thank you to Miss Dale for organizing our trip!

Sports Leaders with CFC Activities Day

Recently the P.E department of Fulham Cross Girls School collaborated with Chelsea Football Club. This collaboration helped in many different ways, the main focus was to put all stereotypes such as the idea that girls not allowed to play football after primary school away. This event was held in primary schools, Sir John Lillie and Fulham Primary, and this was hosted by Sport Leaders like myself. Being a Sport Leader you need follow many aspects like being a good leader, listener and always making people feel worthy. The Sports Leader went to primary schools at 7:45 a.m. for all sessions to begin at 8:00 a.m., the sessions were for girls in Year 5 and 6. At all times the Sports Leaders we supervised by a member of Chelsea Football Club Association.

However, this was not the end. On February the 27th, an event took place in Fulham Cross Girls School. This event was open to any school in the borough and of course the schools that the Sports Leaders went to. The event consisted of two main activities on of them was a physical one where the girls developed their confidence by playing a friendly game of football with other schools. The other activity was more focused on Women Empowerment or Women Achievements. Every single girl was asked to write a postcard to a female in their life that has helped them it could be someone like their mum or even Michele Obama, Chelsea Football Club had their connections and they had sent all of the letter to whom they were written to.

Before the end everyone came together and some people shared their post card and before there was a Q&A session with a former Chelsea Ladies player her name was Claire Rafferty. Her answering questions inspired girls to follow their dreams. Overall the day was inspiring and I hope has an impacts in those girls’ lives.

Regional Final Debate Competition

On Thursday 19th April, 6 students attended the regional final of the ‘Up For Debate’ competition. This competition is one that we have been preparing for since Christmas in Monday afternoon ‘Debating club’. We competed in 3 debates; 2 of which we prepared beforehand on taxing junk food and returning cultural treasures their country of origin. The third debate was an impromptu debate and we only had 20 minutes to prepare. It was on assisted suicide which luckily Year 9 had been learning about recently in RS! We won all 3 of our debates and came 3rd overall of over 30 schools, narrowly missing out on the grand finale between the top two teams. Asiya Majid in 9M was also named one of the ten top scoring debaters of the day! We all had a great time and gained lots of confidence in speaking in front of other people and standing up for our own opinions.

Year 7 Kew Gardens Adventure

The Science Department took year 7 to Kew Gardens for their Spring Enrichment Day. It was freezing, as the second Beast from the East had made an appearance, otherwise it was a beautiful sunny day.

The girls enjoyed exploring the grounds and greenhouses. The highlight was the Princess of Wales Conservatory which had wonderful, colourful displays of orchids. The centerpiece of the conservatory is a big pond with massive dogfish swimming in it, we talked about food chains as there were lots of smaller fish which were the fish food.

Even though it was cold we climbed the treetop walkway and saw the views of London through the tops of the trees. It was amazing to be so high up, the girls really enjoyed the sense of freedom.

Our day out in Kew was fun, all ended well even for the student who dropped her I- Phone down a ventilation shaft! We are looking forward to the next trip.

Lord's Cricket Ground Visit

A group of 16 students from year 7 and 8 went to Lord's Cricket Ground on Tuesday 24th April.  They were selected to attend as a reward for their excellent participation and commitment to extracurricular sports clubs.  At the stadium students got to watch two T20 women’s matches which included the Middlesex Women’s Team.  Throughout the day students were able to take part in various cricket activities and five students completed a selfie challenge and won tickets to return to the stadium with their families in the summer.   The girls had a great day!

Year 11 - Geography Field Trip - Walton-on-the-Naze

In March 2018, Year 11 Geography students took part in a field study at Walton-on-the-Naze. The purpose was to study how management schemes have affected the natural processes at work along the coast. Fieldwork in an essential component for their GCSE final exams and in order to be adequately prepared, they carried a series of techniques to collect primary data. Walton-on-the-Naze is a particularly good place to visit as it has very dramatic coastlines. One side of the coastline is protected whilst the other is not, therefore comparisons can be made.

The trip was very successful! The students were able to see in action the different coastal processes and defences they had learnt about in class. The student’s behaviour was outstanding and the sun shined too!

EMPOWER Day - Year 8 Language Day

On Tuesday 20th of March was Year 8 language day. Our year group split into two groups: Spanish and French. First we went to the computer room to research one of the two stories we were going to see performed in the afternoon: Don Quijote for Spanish and the Three Musketeers for French. Then in class we drew comics about them. We learnt a few key words to give us some context and to reuse in our comics. We also made costumes of the main characters. When we had finished, a lady came and performed the story we just had studied. Some students were asked to come in the middle, carry a prop and act with her in front of everybody and everyone had to sing songs with the performer. It was really funny and very easy to understand with all the props and the lady spoke slowly. I enjoyed that day because I am a creative person and I discovered something new.

School Visit from Levi Roots

We had the great opportunity of meeting the entrepreneur Levi Roots. His whole journey started in a little village in Jamaica where he was the youngest of six children. Since he was the youngest this led him to spend quality time with his grandma who taught him the art of flavours when cooking traditional Caribbean recipes (this included the famous Reggae Reggae sauce).  When he finally came to England he wanted to become a musician and played his reggae themed music.  However, this unfortunately did not work out for him so he decided to take a new path as a chef.  He and his family put love and affection into the 67 bottles of sauce they made and sold them at the Nottingham Carnival but never really made a large profit. Levi then took the next step by going on Dragons Den.  He got an investment from Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh to invest £50,000 in return for 40% of his company. However, he said Peter was invested in Levi himself whereas Richard was invested in the sauce. After gaining attention from Dragons Den he was given an opportunity to sell his sauce in Sainsbury’s on a scale of a quarter of a million bottles, which was a major jump from the 67 he made in his kitchen. The next challenge he faced was producing the 250,000 bottles of sauce Sainsbury’s needed. His whole journey showed how a brilliant idea helped a humble man from humble beginnings in Brixton become the entrepreneur he is today. Not only does he make a range of sauces and Caribbean drinks sold in a different shop, he recently opened up a restaurant called Levi Roots Caribbean. This opportunity allowed the Business and Food and Cookery students to question him about the difficulties he faced and where his passion for food came from.

Written by Sagal Hassan Year 10

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is always a special event at Fulham Cross because it embodies everything we believe in as a school. Students had a week of assemblies in the run up to the day where they were talked to about the importance of us being brave as women and girls in order to smash the glass ceiling that can exist for us. We looked at how women’s inner voices mean that we often hold ourselves back and looked at strategies to mean we don’t do that! Students ended the assemblies by each making a pledge on how they will empower themselves and other women in the future. Students also nominated their Sheros in form time all week – enabling them to reflect on positive female contributions. On the day itself two large groups of students completed an interactive workshop with Threads Equality which looked at women’s history and the history of the feminist movement and the gains it has made. We celebrated female historical figures from the female Vikings, Hypatia in the 5th Century, to Greenham Common and the Women’s March and the #Metoo movement. All students involved were mature, passionate and articulate!

Chef of the Year Competition - 2018

Fulham Cross saw two of our own spectacular chefs take home awards for the Hammersmith and Fulham Chef of the Year annual event at the Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College on 22nd February 2018. SydneyRose Jordan-Dilks cooked a delicious chicken stir-fry accompanied by a seasoned rice and for dessert, a white chocolate and lemon mousse with a passion fruit coulis. Rufayda Djilali cooked a flavoursome prawn curry with fragrant rice and for dessert a chocolate mousse with a raspberry coulis top. SydneyRose was awarded an ‘Outstanding Chef Award’ and Rufayda picked up a runner up prize. The judges gave a special mention to both students emphasising their culinary talent and skills they displayed. Some of the prizes the students picked up included; Westfield vouchers, a signed Rivercafe recipe book, a glass trophy, a voucher towards cookery lessons at one of the Jamie Oliver cookery schools and many more.

Live Debate

On Thursday 22nd February 2018, 14 Year 10 students attended a live debate at White City studio, organised by Votes4Schools, on the topic of “Our Education, Our Hands.” The event was enjoyable and insightful, and Fulham Cross students asked some very interesting and mature questions. The panel was comprised of journalists and MPs, and explored whether young people should be involved in having a say on educational legislation passed by the government, as well as whether young people aged 16 should be allowed to vote in elections.  It was a pleasure to work with Votes4schools and our students on such an interesting topic that affects all of us in school every day.

Fundraising for CAMFED



Before Christmas the whole of FCGS were involved in raising money for Camfed. The school raised £3165 which, once doubled under the government’s aid match scheme, is enough to pay for 35 girls to be educated for a whole year. Here, in their own words, is how the students reached such a fantastic total.

Year 7 were given the task of completing a sponsored walk around Lillie Rec. Students were asked to find sponsors from amongst their family, friends, neighbours and teachers. All the students were determined to raise as much as possible to help give young women in Africa a chance to be educated.  Ikraam Hassan 7M

Year 8 and 9 raised money for Camfed by taking part in a sponsored readathon. All of the students brought in their own books and it was amazing to see such a range of genres.    Suhair and Akira 9L

Fulham Cross joined forces to create a tremendous Christmas fayre filled with a variety of wonderful stalls. The goodies on offer included delicious hot chocolate, breath-taking 3 tier cakes and handmade festive gifts. Oh, and let’s not forget the magical Christmas songs that were performed by our gifted vocalists Lama 10H

Year 11 enjoyed the inaugural FCGS sleepover. The night started with a two hour long dance party with the best music and huge doses of fun. We want to thank all the teachers who helped make this possible. We’re so lucky to have been able to share this experience with all of our closest friends. Shatoo and Maria 11H

Year 8 EMPOWER Day - Science Museum

On Wednesday 31st of January the whole of year 8 went to visit the Science Museum to explore the links between Science, Maths and IT. When we arrived at the museum we first went to the Winton Gallery. Decorated on the ceiling was a bright display of an artist impression of what the forces acting on a plane would look like . Next we went to a science show where Jasmine (8L) blew a beach ball high into the ceiling with a massive leaf blower! We also made a large fire using magician’s flash cotton and the power of maths. Year 8 had the opportunity to visit the WONDERLAB where they had weird experiments to try out and cool inventions to play with. The most popular one was the three slides made out of wood, grass and ceramic. My favourite activity was a long metal pole attached to a hidden speaker. You slid a straw through and put your finger in your ears to cut out any noise. Then you had to bite the pole where your straw was AND YOU COULD HEAR MUSIC!

After exploring we headed to the gift shop and bought some souvenirs. Lava putty, badges and thermometer key rings were among the popular items.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational trip. MASSIVE thanks to the Maths Department for organizing this trip!!   -  Maliha Ibrahim, 8L

First Story Trip - University College London

A group of 17 students went to visit the University College London (UCL) as part of their First Story Trip. We arrived at Euston square station and made our way to the Welcome Museum where we had a tour around the museum, we learned about medicines, the body dietary books and healthy eating.  After lunch Fulham Cross was lucky enough to be able to have a tour guide with the head of First Story (Jay) introduced himself and what we were   writer to help us. We were told that we were able to visit two museums and then write poems or stories about the objects and items we had seen in the museum.

I was in Group 2 and so we were able to go to the Library and Egyptian Museum where we saw plenty of ancient Egyptian writings and we were lucky enough to see the oldest piece of clothing in the world. We saw mummy tombs and we even a skeleton in a pot! We then wrote poems about the objects we had seen.

 All of us had finished our poems and were asked to perform our poems and stories in front of three other schools, First Story leaders and Jay! In fact, we were able to perform in a room were Leonardo di Caprio had filmed a scene in his film. - Leiyah Lawrence

Year 7 EMPOWER Day - KidZania

On the 31st of January Year 7 had their Empower day at KidZania in Westfield. Just after 9am we were escorted by our teachers to this magical world of reality where we would experience an adventure where we could independently choose from over 60 real-life entertaining activities. 

When we reached our destination we had to wait a while as the staff were getting us registered. It wasn't long until all the security stuff was over and done with; the only thing that was holding us back was getting our wrist bands on - they looked like watches that we had to adjust on our wrists; if anyone had accidently got themselves into danger or wanted to leave the premises the watch would go off sounding a bell like ringtone.  And last but definitely not least they handed us 50 “KIDZOS” (kidzanian money) and then let us explore this ‘interactive city’ and try out a variety of jobs.  Some of the jobs I really enjoyed were a chocolate factory worker and a surgeon. Some of the other professions we had a go at were: dentist, actor, firefighter, singer, police officer, journalist, shop assistant, etc.

At 12pm we had our lunch and then after 2 more hours you would think that we would head back to school but the day was not over yet, oh no, we had a chance to spend the money that we had earned in a REAL SHOP, this time actually buying real things that we could treat ourselves.

By Yumna Barhamji, 7U

Year 9 EMPOWER Day - Church Trip

On a dreary January day, Year 9 set out to visit three local churches: Twynholm Baptist Church, All Saints Church of England and St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Church. They came armed with questions about faith and ethics for each religious leader they met. 

Their goal was to begin to formulate how to approach the central GCSE theme: why don't all religious believers agree with each other, even when they come from the same religion? 

The pastor, vicar and priest all gave candid explanations for their differing viewpoints and the girls used their 'academic excellence' to challenge them with though-provoking questions such as: 

"If humans have souls, how do you know animals don't?" 

"If we all deserve punishment according to the Bible for being sinners, why don't we just do all the fun but bad things since we'll still deserve the same?" 

"Why do you think that communion is symbolic but the other churches believed the bread transforms into something miraculous and special?" 

As ever, their astute observations of the places of worship, religious curiosity and perfect behaviour impressed all three churches and made for a perfect (though wet and cold) day out.  

Year 11 Theatre Visit - Aladdin

On 11th January, the Key Stage 4 Music and Drama students went on a visit to the Prince Edward Theatre, Soho, to see the amazing musical, Aladdin. The play was absolutely captivating, and thrilled the audience from start to finish! It was filled with stunning singing, energetic dance routines and some fantastic stage work.

Our wonderful students were great ambassadors for Fulham Cross Girls’ School, as always, demonstrating our EMPOWER values and representing themselves and the school wonderfully well. Staff and students alike really enjoyed the performance. Thank you to the staff that volunteered their time to supervise the visit despite the late finish, and of course, the year 10 and 11 students for being a pleasure to take out on this visit.

Jack Petchey Achievement Awards

The Fulham Cross Girls ‘Glee Club took to the stages at Kensington Town Hall on Monday evening opening the Jack Petchey Achievement Awards with I smile by Kirk Franklin. They certainly put a smile on everyone’s faces with their energetic and professional performance

Zimbabwean Ministry of Education Visit

Fulham Cross Girls' School was pleased to welcome the British Council and the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education for Zimbabwe and her team as they toured a number of outstanding British Schools in order to see which examples of best practice they could take back to Zimbabwe.  Fulham Cross was chosen because of its outstanding outcomes and our reputation for developing well rounded students who are happy and successful.

On behalf of both the British Council and the Zimbabwean Ministry of Education I would like to send our heartfelt thanks to the pupils and staff of Fulham Cross Girls' School. 

Our visit was excellent and the detail in which you had prepared for us was astounding. The ministers were bowled over with your hospitality and the fact that you knew their research areas and were familiar with their work was icing on the cake.

As a school your dedication to outstanding outcomes for your girls is obvious on every level. We were all impressed by your professional development systems and your detailed assessment strategies and the girls were a credit to the school. 

I have copied in my colleagues John Rolfe and Adrian Fenton as I think that developing a relationship with the British Council may be mutually beneficial. 

Once again, thank you so much.

Kind regards


Debbie Candy