Year 9 - Route Into Languages Talk

On Thursday 25th February, Year 9 took part in a talk from an organisation called Routes into Languages. Our speaker, Anna, is a Chemical Engineering student who also studies French at Imperial College, London. During the talk, Anna explained how languages are a valued skill in the workplace with 76% of employers wishing that their employees had better language skills. The students learnt about how languages have helped people in a range of different jobs and how learning a language shows that you are committed and hard-working since language learning can be very challenging. Anna also shared some of her own personal experiences about language learning and using her skills practically abroad and how she hopes that French will help her with a career in Chemical Engineering.

Our students had lots of questions for Anna, including how language study at university is different to at school, what she is going to do in Switzerland next year on her year abroad and what ‘Chemical Engineering’ actually means! Students learnt not only about the value of language learning but also about life at university which they really enjoyed.