Year 10 Eden Project

‘On the 25th November a group of brave Year 10 explorers set out on an expedition from Paddington station to the wild expanses of Cornwall to visit the Eden Project. The three day trip included a workshop analysing the role climate change is having on our environments and analysing the role we have in conserving the biosphere and the importance of developing sustainable lifestyles.  There was still time to fit in a night time excursion into the Rainforest biome and a visit to the coastal town of Fowey to look at some of the coastal conflict occurring on the south west coast. The trip was an excellent way of seeing completely different ecosystems to our own and will benefit the students immensely in their final exams for their UNIT 1 paper.  We were very proud of the girls for their excellent behaviour and attitude throughout and hope they now have a greater perspective on the threats facing our planet.’