Year 11's Maths Residential Weekend

January saw Year 11 and the maths department make the long journey to Kingswood Hall in Ashford for the now traditional maths residential weekend. Every year the math’s team take only the bravest and most dedicated mathematicians away on for a weekend of GCSE revision where as soon as they arrived the group got down to some serious work on transformations, rotations, reflection and enlargements.

After a solid revision session, year 11 slept soundly and awoke ready and excited for the day ahead. It didn’t disappoint. Saturday started with a hearty breakfast followed by a day of uninterrupted maths with a little light lunch thrown in. After all the maths there was still time for some adventure before setting off home. Usually climbing a 10 metre pole and jumping off isn’t part of the maths GCSE but we do things differently here at Fulham Cross. After the work was done the group set off for the dreaded “leap of faith” where students were expected to climb a 10 metre pole and leap onto a hanging bar.

Ana Gegic knew that the higher GCSE would be hard but didn’t expect this! At one stage she wanted to change to the foundation tier but, cheered on by the rest of year 11, she made it to the top. Julia Purgal decided to go one better. Not only did she make it to the top but she executed a flawless 180 somersault which some of the girls correctly identified it as 180˚ clockwise rotation. Another classic example of maths in the real world!