Hunterian Museum Trip

After our arrival at the museum, we were immediately able to settle in as we began to browse at the museum’s collections of human and non-human anatomical and pathological specimens, models and sculptures ranging from the 17th century all the way to the present day. These collections ranged from the skeleton of the tallest man in the world to a foetal sloth which we were all very intrigued by. Whilst most of us took a look around finding out more facts about surgery in the 17th century, others attempted to sketch some of the models.

Furthermore, following our fascinating experience at the gallery, we then had the opportunity to have a session with some current surgeons who were recent graduates. During this session, we were taught how to carry out general surgery by having the experience of stitching up a wound on a faux arm using forceps, needles and a needle holder. Whilst doing this, we were also able to ask the surgeons some of the burning questions we had about surgery, a medical career and most importantly the pathway to achieve this all.

Moreover, the most exciting part of it all was being able to watch live surgery which included surgery ranging from neurosurgery to cardiovascular (heart) surgery. Of course, after watching these videos we were all very intrigued and fascinated and had many questions to ask!

After an insightful day at the Hunterian museum, we finally made it back to school taking back many interesting facts and applicable knowledge we could share with others.

By, Lana Al-Moosawi