Year 9 Empower Day - Women In Business!

On Wednesday 3rd of February, Year 9 girls were given an entrepreneurial challenge: The Dragon’s Apprentice…

The girls chose a product in their tutor groups then split into teams to develop a pitch, before presenting as a team to our panel of exacting Dragons including Executive Head Teacher, Peter Haylock and Deputy Head Victoria Tully.

The teams worked on: Product Design, Market Research, preparing Pitches, Filming Advertisements and planning their Marketing Campaign. Products developed were innovative and creative, including a hologram phone from 9H, Luxury Ice-cream from 9L and designer shampoo from 9M.

The winners, with a fantastic design, were 9F with “You Scream Ice Cream”!  They designed an ice cream for all the family, with a range of flavours and toppings to please everyone at a very reasonable price. Mr Haylock commented that as a parent with young children this was a realistic and viable product.  He said: “If you were over 18, and had some investment behind you, you could really make money from this idea!”

The students worked independently of their teachers, and the level of communication and teamwork was outstanding. They were asked some very challenging questions by the Dragons, and had to think on their feet. There was a buzz of professional competition in the air – it was a really exciting day