Year 9 Students - Street Day Culture - Empower Day

The year 9 students showcased their creative side at this year’s Street Day Culture Empower day. Students carried out two workshops during the day and then came back to exhibit and perform their work to the rest of the year group. Students made some fantastic tasty spring rolls and crepes which included a demonstration.  The Art team transformed the classroom into a London fashion catwalk for the students to display their amazing street fashion designs.  The street Graffiti workshop really captured the student’s personal emotions. They learnt basic techniques inspired by the female graffiti artist known as “Boxhead.” In Performing Arts the theatre workshop saw students experimenting with a variety of street theatre forums with many students taking on a lead role.  The music department led a rhythm based performance using junk instruments. Students put on a loud and energetic musical theatre performance inspired by the west end show ‘Stomp’. The final item was a performance by the street dancers who gave an incredible routine with the help of AMH Sports.    Overall, the day was a huge success and a highly enjoyable experience showcasing the array of talents in the year group.  We look forward to doing it all again next year.