International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is always a special event at Fulham Cross because it embodies everything we believe in as a school. Students had a week of assemblies in the run up to the day where they were talked to about the importance of us being brave as women and girls in order to smash the glass ceiling that can exist for us. We looked at how women’s inner voices mean that we often hold ourselves back and looked at strategies to mean we don’t do that! Students ended the assemblies by each making a pledge on how they will empower themselves and other women in the future. Students also nominated their Sheros in form time all week – enabling them to reflect on positive female contributions. On the day itself two large groups of students completed an interactive workshop with Threads Equality which looked at women’s history and the history of the feminist movement and the gains it has made. We celebrated female historical figures from the female Vikings, Hypatia in the 5th Century, to Greenham Common and the Women’s March and the #Metoo movement. All students involved were mature, passionate and articulate!