Product Design - Designer Experience

In late March, Year 9 and GCSE Product Design students of year 10 and 11 had the opportunity to attend a presentation by design consultant Matteo Giles, who has forged a successful career in design, specialising in the design of cars. Most notably Mr Giles had worked for Ferrari where his designs were so successful this led to the creation of a new design group which he led in Ferrari, designing custom “one off” cars for the super wealthy! With this in mind Mr Giles was keen to stress his beginnings in design were the same as that of students experiences at Fulham Cross Girls School. He stressed that he had to work hard to develop his visual communication skills, as do most students taking a GCSE in Product Design, but also that students must realise that being successful in design is something which is totally within their reach. At the end of the presentation Mr Giles was swamped with students keen to ask further design related questions. Finally, Year 11 students had the remarkable opportunity to work with Mr Giles on a one to one level discussing their GCSE coursework and gaining excellent advice on how to advance it further before submission.