The Brilliant Club Visits The Royal Holloway University

On the 3rd of November, some Year 7s and 8s went to the Royal Holloway University in Egham. After a long bus and train journey and a brisk walk up a long hill we found the entrance and made our way in.  We were greeted by a Student Ambassador, named Alice, who led us to a building where we were assigned groups and given our timetable for the day.

The first thing that we had to do was to take a tour around the campus.  We started off at an auditorium that was attached to ‘Tommy’s Burger Shop’. The ambassador led us to a series of cafes and shops that students can go to. Then we saw a huge, old fashioned chapel where the choir sings on Christmas Day and a beautiful library with a patterned ceiling and old wooden bookshelves.  Later on, as the morning progressed, we were shown student accommodations and a large square with a statue of Queen Victoria. Also the statue of Mr and Mrs Holloway who founded the university.

We all thoroughly enjoyed lunch, and then posed under a tree for a picture.

Soon it was our turn to go and have a talk with Noga, our tutor and a PhD student. She was very interested in us and we talked about the French Revolution (our study subject for the next couple of weeks).

After a long discussion, we had to head back down to the lecture room for a presentation on Royal Holloway University.

All in all it was a very fun and fascinating day and all of us would definitely do it again.


By Meriam,7F