Year 7s Tea Party

On the 8th of November the Year 7s invited their Year 6 teachers to see their progress. There were yummy refreshments as well as lots of buzzing chatter as over 20 teachers from 11 primary schools attended.

The Fulham Cross girls took their teachers on a tour around the school and showed off the things they have learnt and their work, they also had a nice chat. Our visitors were amazed at how the secondary school differs from the primary school.

 The tea party was amazing and I’m sure that everyone would agree. The teachers who came were fascinated by our work and how we have matured.  

 Nadia from 7M said, “It was so fun and enjoyable to see our teachers.”

 Daisy from 7U commented, “It was a nice, enjoyable evening and I liked chatting with my old teachers!”

 “The tea party was extremely fun and it was a great way for our teachers to see what we have done and our progress”, said Rayan from 7M .

Thank you to all the teachers from the following primary schools for finding the time to visit Fulham Cross: Langford, Sulivan, All Saints, Thomas Academy, Queens Manor, Normand Croft, Fulham Primary, St Clement & St James, Hotham, Avonmore, and Sir John Lillie.