Our Fundraiser Week

Fundraiser week was a big event that happened from the 25thApril to 29thApril. Every day was based on a continent and students could enjoy varied activities mostly during break. On Monday, we started with Asia with the Korean club during which students learnt how to speak some Korean words. We also talked about Korean drama, ate some Korean food and sang to some K-pop bands. We also had a manga drawing competition in the library and the three winners received prizes during assembly. On Tuesday was Africa Day and Year 7 went to Lillie Rec for the ‘Walk for Africa’ in the morning. In the afternoon, some Year 8 baked cakes for a big cake sale for Europe day. Thursday was America Day and students tried to knock down piñatas in the playground or go for some Caribbean dancing in the hall. Finally on Friday was International Dress Day and lots of students dressed up, had their pictures taken and we elected the Best International Outfit Queen. In all we had a lot of fun and raised over £1,600 for two charities working towards the education of children in Uganda and Morocco.