St George's Medical Trip

On Tuesday 7th June 2016 some students went to St Georges, one of the best medical schools in London and established in 1733.

When we arrived the first thing that we did was learn some background history on the hospital/university and we learnt about different courses you could study in the university. We also met some students studying medicine and asked them questions about their courses and what they want to do in the future.

We visited the ‘cubicles’ this was just like a real hospital. We learnt the basic clinical skills – how to measure your blood pressure, oxygen levels, peak flow and how to wash your hands properly. We then went over to the practical side of medicine and performed the tests on each other.

The rest of our day was followed by many other fun activities, including physiotherapy, and the different types physiotherapy.  

Overall the trip was a great success and one that we will never forget; meeting all the students encouraged all of us to do well in my GCSE’s and to keep working hard. Seeing the medical school gave us an insight on what something under the science field would really be like.

 By Lara Arif and Jessica Krasniqi