EMPOWER Day - Year 8 Language Day

On Tuesday 20th of March was Year 8 language day. Our year group split into two groups: Spanish and French. First we went to the computer room to research one of the two stories we were going to see performed in the afternoon: Don Quijote for Spanish and the Three Musketeers for French. Then in class we drew comics about them. We learnt a few key words to give us some context and to reuse in our comics. We also made costumes of the main characters. When we had finished, a lady came and performed the story we just had studied. Some students were asked to come in the middle, carry a prop and act with her in front of everybody and everyone had to sing songs with the performer. It was really funny and very easy to understand with all the props and the lady spoke slowly. I enjoyed that day because I am a creative person and I discovered something new.