Tate Modern Trip

On Tuesday 12th January 2016, the Year 11 Art GCSE class were given the privilege of visiting the Tate Modern.  As one of those students, I had great fun and felt very inspired by many of the artists whose work we saw. We were assigned the mission of drawing quick sketches of the pieces we felt that mostly related to the theme of our choice from the GSCE Art exam paper. The theme I picked was ‘Groups’ and my partner had picked the theme ‘Diary’. We found many beautiful pieces that related to our themes and can gain more marks or including sketches of them in our coursework. We were so mesmerised by the amount of art works presented to us, that we could have spent even more time sitting and sketching. Coming back from the Tate, many of us students felt more knowledgeable and experienced in the world of Art. We learned that art does not necessarily have to be beautiful and detailed; it could be ambiguous, honest, plain, ugly, etc. It really opened our eyes!

By Sara Mohamed 11L