Law Society Workshop

On the 18th of November, ten law students from London School of Economics, a very prestigious university in central London, came to speak with Year 10 and 11 students from both the Boys’ and Girls’ school about a degree in law. They were introduced to different areas of the subject which could be studied, including criminal, media and family law. The students learned about the complexities of the law system in the UK and how these can make the job of a lawyer very difficult. The Fulham College students were presented with different real-life cases and were asked how they would find out whether the accused was innocent or guilty and eventually learned the verdict of each trial, although they didn’t always agree with the outcome. Our students made brilliant points and were able to ask about pursuing a career in law one day. Thanks to LSE for inspiring some of future alumni to become tomorrow’s lawyers and judges!

Ms Hosp

Head of Religious Studies