Year 9 EMPOWER Day Visit to Bognor Regis

On Friday 12th May, the whole of year nine embarked on a day trip to the seaside as part of their current geography topic – Coasts. With three full coaches of students, together with thirteen teachers we set off under cloudy skies and it wasn’t long before we had to stop at the services on the A3 due to somebody already needing the toilet. However, this was a welcome break as both students and teachers were able to stretch their legs, buy refreshments and get some fresh air.

On arrival in Bognor, students had five minutes on the beach before they were each given a booklet and set off to do their different activities – Coastal defences with Mr Hudson, History of Bognor with Mr McIntyre and Coastal Poetry with Mr Kelly.

A respite in the weather we thought as blue skies appeared and the sun came out. By this time everyone was hungry and the queue for fish and chips outside the fish and chip shop next to the pier was nearing fifty or sixty.

After half an hour of rain, the sun really came out and everybody had a great time on the beach. Students played Frisbee, went for a paddle or just soaked up the sun as well as buying ice-creams from the local beach café. At 4pm we all got on the coaches and headed back to London. On the journey home, some girls sang, some slept after a really enjoyable day at the seaside.

Mr McIntyre