Young Ambassadors Award Ceremony

On Thursday 15th October the Youth Travel Ambassadors (Lily Welburn, Sydneyrose Jordan-Dilks, Zaynab Mehdi, Laura Khosravi, Lana Al Moosawi and Samsam Abdullahi) went to Camden Community Hall for an awards ceremony. When we got there we were given a school tag and 6 activities to complete. We had to go around asking other schools questions about how they had progressed with their own walk to school schemes. After 20 minutes of doing this we were asked to take a seat and the real fun began. Each school was given a pack with even more activities to complete, this time they were about what we had been doing and what our plans for the year ahead were. Everyone got the chance to speak in the microphone about what they had been doing. There was also a presentation about all the health benefits of walking to school. After lunch we had the reward ceremony to celebrate all the hard work we had done. We received a bronze award which is an amazing achievement, we all felt very proud of ourselves.

By Lily Welburn