Courtauld Gallery Workshop

On Friday 23rd November, Year 9 Art students participated in a colour workshop with an artist from the Courtauld Gallery. The aim of the workshop was to give a brief history of colour, its science, palette and symbolism in Art and to introduce students to a variety of ways artists use colour. 

Students were encouraged to experiment with colour using a range of styles and techniques. It was evident from the workshop that students developed their confidence and decision-making skills when talking about and making art.

Aya, a student in 9M stated: “This was a very enjoyable workshop where we learnt about the history of Pointillism and its significance in the development of modern art. I liked experimenting with this style and learning about the importance of colour throughout art history.”

Reham, a student in 9U said: “I enjoyed learning about the different art styles and techniques, as well as learning different facts about colour.”