Year 8 Empower Day - Rock School

Year 8 spent an eventful day attending the first Fulham Cross Rock School. At Rock School, students used their amazing mathematical skills to plan and develop a Rock Concert. The day started off with students gathering data to find out what people want at a rock concert. The Fulham Cross junk food ban clearly didn’t apply at this concert, as salads and sugar free drinks weren’t high on the list!

During this stage of events Ms Asiedu roamed the room looking for the likely winners while Mr Warriss reminisced about his first Abba concert. Meanwhile back on the floor the students had designed their Rock Stage 3d Prisms and set their stage lighting using loci. After this session the student teams had to present their Rock Concert plan to the teacher panel. It was a tough decision the eventual Rock Stars were Meeyah, Leiyah, Hamida, Tamara, Douaa, Mariam, Phoebe, Lina and Tyler.