Year 11 Empower Day - Historical Treasure Hunt / Theatre Visit

Responding to the different needs of our students is important at Fulham Cross Girls’ School so we decided to split the Y11s for one of their final EMPOWER days.  Half of the Year group took part in a ‘Cultural Treasure Hunt’ which saw us racing through the pouring rain in order to find interesting Historical facts along the Embankment, Southbank and around the Houses of Parliament.  Ms Burgess-Allen had provided a long list of treasures to unearth but mostly we really enjoyed being out of school together and learning about our fantastic home city and one of the finest capital cities in the world.

For the second half of the day we went to the ‘Unicorn Theatre’ where we enjoyed lunch and dried out a bit before watching a performance based on Cinderella but with a modern spin.  The students’ opinions were divided about the performance but all agreed it was food for thought and unanimously enjoyed the ‘cartoon-style’ chase sequence involving various weapons – not least a pitchfork!  Ms Tully said this was one of the loveliest days of her teaching career -   ‘All of the students on the trip were interested and interesting, polite and engaged.  It was a pleasure to be out with them for the day!’