Year 8 Empower Day - Ripley's of London Visit

A joint venture by Maths ICT and History took year 8 to Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in Central London. The trip to the museum also took in a stroll by some of London’s famous landmarks.

On the way to the museum the girls went on a fact finding mission in Trafalgar Square where believe it or not they saw a gorilla knuckle walking around the square!

Once the girls arrived at Ripley’s they were introduced to an array of bizarre exhibits including two headed animals, the world’s tallest man, a matchstick model of London Bridge and a selection of shrunken heads. There was also gate puzzle that had the maths department bamboozled. After lunch and several trips to the mirror maze and black hole, the group made their way back to Fulham. On the way there was time to stop by Buckingham Palace. Outside the palace there was lots of courteous waving but unfortunately no queen to return the eager waves from the Fulham Cross girls.

All in all it was a great day with plenty of strange exhibits, plenty of London culture and plenty of walking.