Students Visit To The British Film Institute

On Friday 15th April, 36 students from Year 9 and 10 attended a film-based French workshop at the British Film Institute. We arrived at the Southbank at around 10am, ready for the workshop to begin. In the morning, students discussed the differences between films, short films and very short films before watching 4 short films all based in Paris. The films were all centred around modern day Paris and included themes such as immigration, religion and love. The topics interested our students and enabled them to have some very interesting conversations about what they thought should happen next in the film. Throughout, students completed short activities about the films in French.

In the afternoon, students watched ‘Les Intouchables’, a film set in Paris that explores themes of class. Famous French comedian Omar Sy plays the protagonist and students thoroughly enjoyed his portrayal of ‘Driss’.

The students from Fulham Cross enjoyed their day at the BFI and came away with some new ideas to use in their GCSE work as well as a deeper understanding of life in Paris today.