Year 9 Empower Day

On Friday 9th October the year 9 students took part in the Street Empower Day led by the Performing Arts and Design and Technology team. Students tapped into their creativity with graffiti art and learnt basic techniques inspired by the female graffiti artist known as “Boxhead.” The students also designed their own portable graffiti words using textile techniques inspired by the street art trend ‘yarn bombing’.  At the end of the day the year 9 students came together to present their wonderful work. Here the girls could sample some of the delicious homemade street food.  The performers of year 9 showcased their talents through street Theatre; the audience got transported to Covent Garden to enjoy some singing, dancing, and acting. The day ended with a lively, energetic rendition of the West End show Stomp. Overall it was a fantastic day showcasing the wonderful talent and creativity we have here at Fulham Cross.