Fulham Cross Sail to Canary Wharf

‘On the 31st March the Year 11’s took a trip along the Thames to the far eastern reaches of our great city to the economic heartland of Canary Wharf. The girls took the Clipper ferry from Putney Bridge all the way to our destination and were able to see the huge changes occurring along the banks of the Thames. The trip was an excellent chance for the girls to see a hugely developed area that has changed drastically over the last century from a thriving Docklands to a deindustrialised wasteland and now into a globalised economic neighbourhood. Upon arrival we visited the London Docklands Museum and managed to collect excellent information to help the girls with their GCSE topic ‘Changing UK Economies.’ This was a great opportunity for the girls to get out into the field before the onset of exams and we were very proud of the way they behaved and conducted themselves. Well done girls!’

Mr Hudson