World Book Day

World Book Day took place this year on Thursday 3rd of March and FCGS planned lots of amazing activities for us to do. Throughout the day we got a chance to meet the very inspirational author Kate Kingsley. As well as meeting her we also got to buy her books for a cheaper price. Obviously, the most fun part of World book day was the dressing up; this was a good way of looking at everybody’s favourite fictional characters!

The teachers also made the day even more interesting by dressing up themselves. Ms Powell dressed up as Alice in Wonderland; Mr Kelly dressed up as a really fancy musketeer and obviously no one could forget Mr Kennedy’s caterpillar costume! The best dressed students of the day will be presented with a certificate and a prize for their efforts on the final day of term.

All of the excitement made the day feel stress-free… Of course we still had to go to lessons!  But how can we complain? Most schools don’t get the great experience of having an author visit; £1 book tokens; quizzes and certainly they don't all have the very creative dressing up by staff and students. This day could not have been more brilliant!  Thank you to the lovely staff that organised this day for us.

By Doha Targuisti with the help of Nimao Farah 9L