Sky Sports Live

FCGS has been very lucky to have Hannah Beharry, local pro boxer, join us for our Sky Sports Living challenge. This year’s focus is on improving the girls’ confidence in PE and helping them reach their own individual targets. The year 8 girls have been very lucky to work not once, but twice with Hannah in an epic 6 keys to success fitness and boxing battle. Pupils will continue to work on their targets alongside the school’s Sports Leaders working up to their final session just after half-term. Hannah was also very kind to run a boxing master class for 10M during their PE lesson and for all pupils during lunch, seeing a massive 52 girls turn up to follow in an idol’s footsteps.

The 6 keys to success are:

1 – Mental Toughness 2 – Hunger to Achieve 3 – People Skills 4 – Sports and Life Knowledge

5 – Breaking Barriers:  6 – Planning for Success