Mental Health Champions

After receiving roughly 100 applications for our Mental Health Champion Training, 20 students were chosen, five from each Year group. All of them attended training on Tuesday 22nd January, which covered key symptoms, signs of prevalent mental health illnesses, confidentiality, child protection and referrals, listening skills, approaching and assisting students, steps to wellbeing and how to look after their own mental health.  

Students have been instructed that in case of any disclosure of self-harm or suicidal thoughts, the first and only step to take is a referral to staff who will follow the usual Child Protection Policy.

During the workshop, students had a visit from Jayne Kelly, a Psychotherapist based in West London, who spoke to them about her role and answered students’ questions. Thank you Jayne for you time and input. The girls really appreciated it.

We were impressed with how articulate and informed the students were, especially Year 8s who had such a mature and sensible attitude. Students suggested many ideas, such as a regular Tea and Talks, a worry box, discussions, half-termly assemblies, monthly mental health days, social media and how it could be used positively, etc… Students were asked to put their ideas in writing to us.

As it is important for the champions to get an opportunity to vent out their own feelings on a regular basis, we will be holding weekly check-in clinics for them to discuss any arising matters or even to just have a chat with a dedicated member of staff.

At the end of the session, students completed evaluation forms and feedback was extremely positive; students really enjoyed the training. They all received a yellow badge and certificates to award them for their dedication and hard work during the day.