Year 9 Visits The Seaside - Bognor Regis

On Friday 13th May, Year 9 embarked upon a visit to the seaside as part of their current Geography topic ‘Coasts’.

The purpose of the trip was to study the different methods of coastal defences which was led by Mr Hudson as well as well writing some coastal poetry with Mr Kelly. Some of the students learnt about the history of Bognor Regis as a seaside town with Mr McIntyre.

The weather was just perfect and after a two hour journey by coach the students were eager to have a run on the beach before starting their activities.

With their packed lunches or fish and chips, students then had lunch before spending a couple of hours having fun on the seafront. Some students had a game of rounders’ with Mr Petchey while others had a paddle in the water with Mr Hudson. Miss Hunt got sunburnt as usual and on the way home students either slept or had a ‘sing-off’ like 9U and 9L.

A fun day was had by all!!