Year 7 EMPOWER Day

On our Empower day, ‘Let me play’ came in and ran fun sports activities throughout the day. The 5 activities that took place were:  Football, Dance, Tennis, Handball, and Basketball. We started off with Dance and we learnt a dance routine from the musical Hairspray, it was a very cheesy routine, but we still had lots of fun. After that, we did football where we learnt different skills and played short matches, and the mentor Toby helped us and gave us tips on how to improve our skills. After a short break, we moved onto handball, where we started off with mini games to help prepare us for the exercises that were coming up.  The mentor cheered us on as we played a very exciting match of handball. Next up was basketball, where we practised shooting and dribbling. We then played a game called the hot seat which got us all excited and very determined to score. Last but not least, we went out into the main playground and to learn tennis skills. The tennis mentor gave us advice on how to serve and when we improved, we went onto perform rallies and did much better than the first time. After all the activities, we headed up to the hall and had an awards assembly where all the mentors gave out certificates and form tutors gave out empower postcards. Over all, it was a fun day and we would gladly do it again.   

Inas Nejjari 7F and Meriem Boucha 7F