Prison Me! No Way...

On Tuesday 15th September, a group of students, along with Ms Fox and Ms Thorpe, delivered a presentation to the national educational charity, ‘Prison Me! No Way’. 
The purpose of the visit was to offer feedback on the charity’s activity day, held every year for the year 9’s. Students greeted the chief executive Paul Wilkinson who kindly offered to provide a delicious lunch after the long train ride to Hull.

Whilst exploring the magnificent and beautiful scenery which the city had to offer, students were led to the ‘Prison Me No Way’ conference room where there were approximately 50 people, predominantly men. 

Pupils passionately presented their tips and ideas to the audience and answered many questions on how ‘PMNW!’ could potentially improve their program. In addition, one of the students bravely shared her experience on being a victim of cyber bullying, which the staff immensely benefitted from, as they now acknowledge how to prevent it.

After a long day of hard work, students and teacher headed to The Deep Aquarium and enjoyed exploring the biodiversity of fish, reptiles and penguins. Marwa Al-Fadly, a proud member of the school council stated “Once we finished taking pictures with the staff, we left the headquarters and headed to the aquarium which had beautiful sea creatures like glow in the dark fishes and cute little penguins. We even found Nemo!” Another student named Yasmin Mohammed, also said “It was such an amazing and brilliant day. I can’t wait to come back and visits in October, when we get to meet prisoners”. Overall, students had a fantastic time visiting the aquarium and presenting a proposition to the organisation ‘Prison Me! No Way!’

By, Yasmin and Marwa