Brilliant Brontë!

We have always known Team Brontë is the best. It has the best sportswomen, the greatest minds and everyone who is part of it ... is the best.  

So, in order to celebrate this, Ms Barlow and Mr Kelly - proud house captains organised a day out to unite our team, develop our teamwork and communication skills and plan our strategy to win the coveted prize of house champions!

Firstly, we reigned superior at Ten Pin Bowling with Rebecca Jack getting the first strike of many within minutes.  Next, we headed to Hyde Park for a competitive game of Rounders. Ms Hunt's victory dance at getting a rounder was a particular highlight for all!

Sadiya Chowdhury said “it was a great way of getting to know other people in Brontë. It felt like we were a real team all working together!”

And then, the news was announced. Bronte had won the 2015 House Competition.  We remain victorious.  Bring on 2016!