EMPOWER Awards Evening

Thursday 10th November saw our inaugural EMPOWER awards evening .The event was designed to celebrate the EXCEL ACADEMICALLY EVERYDAY strand of our EMPOWER charter. The EMPOWER charter summarises our values as a school. The event was organised to celebrate the students in each year group who came top last academic year for both achievement and progress.

We were delighted to welcome back 30 former Year 11s who in addition to collecting their prizes also collected their exam certificates. All were thrilled to return and acted as brilliant role models for the younger students also collecting awards.

This was a formal event with speeches from Mr Haylock, Ms Fox and an inspirational guest speaker Teresa Reynolds. Teresa is a local woman and award winning social entrepreneur who spoke about her own journey to success. She spoke around the theme of EMPOWER and used powerful metaphors and give the students strong mantras to use to encourage themselves.

Students then received awards from their LPCs for outstanding achievement and progress. Prizes were beautiful scrolls and a specially selected book with an inscription.

Ms Fox then spoke about the excellent year the school has had; from our outstanding OFSTED report, to being the best school in Hammersmith and Fulham and the top 1% of schools in the country for progress!


All the prize winners should be incredibly proud of themselves and we look forward to celebrating again next year!