Enrichment Programme - Art

This year has seen the first, whole school, Enrichment Programme being rolled out. In addition to the traditional sports and drama clubs, every member of staff has offers a different enrichment club for the girls to attend. They have had the option of attending during lunch or after school. The clubs have ranged from chess to debating to Zumba. There are now over 35 clubs in total. A particularly popular club is ‘Cooking Club’ which is run by Ms McKeever. Indeed, it is so popular that students are having to be turned away and asked to come back the following term. The clubs continue to add so much to the culture and atmosphere of the school and have led to dance shows and debating competitions. There are also plans for the Ultimate Frisbee Team to compete in the nationals in Birmingham.

Next year, the intention is to expand the Enrichment Programme further to include even more activities such as rugby and football. If your daughter doesn’t already attend a club (or even if she does!) please do encourage her to try a different activity on one of the regular taster days that are held at the beginning of each term.