Year 10 Trip to Spain

Last July, the year 10 Spanish and Geography students travelled to Avila, in Spain, to explore the language, culture and geographical attributes. Our trip was full of exciting, fun and new experiences; the first being our visit to the medieval old town of Avila; a town of religious history due to Spain’s deep connection to Catholicism. We were able to explore the town and use our Spanish skills, whilst enjoying the admirable view of the walls of Avila.  Our accommodation was situated in Gredos and it came with breath-taking views of the mountains. We participated in many exciting activities; our most memorable one was mountain hiking, which required a lot of dedication and resilience. However, to truly explore the Spanish culture, we participated in a cooking class, where we made our very own tortilla, which is a popular omelette. We also had the opportunity to try a different Spanish dish every day made by the cooks of the Gredos centre. On a geographical note, we examined and measured the rivers that had been formed in the fields; this enabled us to learn and see how the rivers are formed in both a practical and educational way. In order to put our Spanish skills into use, we went out to the village of Avila for a fun treasure hunt, where we had to find clues by asking the locals for directions. This was a great way to practise our speaking skills and gain confidence. In addition, we had the opportunity to do archery and participate in a t-shirt making class, as well as going to an activities’ park where we climbed trees and overcame many difficult obstacles. This was a great way to end our 5-day trip to Spain! This trip incorporated both education and fun, making it such a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Hiba Al-Moosawi 11U