First Story Programme

On Tuesday 19th September, 20 girls from First Story, as well as Ms. Boumeester and Ms. Mahon travelled to Oxford University to attend the Young Writers Festival and the annual launch of the First Story programme.

We were welcomed by two ports and former First Story writers. They shared their experiences and what writing means to them. We did a thorough analysis of our names, which showed us how special and individual our names actually are.

In our first workshop, we used our senses and personal experiences to make up words that didn’t yet exist in the English language. In the second workshop, we played a game of ‘word association’ and made poems about the people that are close to us.

Apart from the wonderful workshops, we had the opportunity to watch a performance from two experience poets: John Agard and Grace Nichols. They performed their own poems (some are also in our GCSE anthology!) and also talked about the importance of writing and expressing your feelings.

A big thanks to Ms. Boumeester and Ms. Mahon for taking us on this trip and to First Story for an amazing event. It was an inspiring trip.

Mariam Keyvani and Hafsa Al-Hashimi