School Musical - Aladdin

The school musical ended its two night run to riotous applause and a standing ovation. Both nights were sold out and rightly so. 

It opened with a kaleidoscope of colour and pattern: sparkle and glitter lit up the stage and welcomed the audience to Agraba.  We are transported to a place in deepest, darkest Morocco, a place where a street rat called Aladdin was born.    

Throughout, the cast were incredible: so many stand out performances from students in Yrs7-10.  The comic timing and swagger of the genie and Aladdin played by siblings Jessica and Crystabelle Blankson- Hermanes, the shy but humble princess… the clumsy, dopey guards with their impeccable comic timing and self-depreciating sense of humour, the sarcastic, deadpan delivery of lines by Jafar and the loveable, crowd pleaser Iago. This carnival of colour all set to a backdrop of the city, hand painted by Honey.   The spirit, energy and passion was infectious

The finale Of ‘A Whole New World’ stands as a reminder of the beauty of theatre at Fulham Cross – they have the ability to pull off a Disney classic whilst also making it their own (credit to the script writer here! Ms Dale!!)  What other Aladdin – other than one from Fulham would steal sourdough bread from the market and do the ‘Big Fish, Little Fish’ dance to win Princess Jasmine’s hand.

The finale doesn’t disappoint!  Love transcends all when Aladdin rejects cash and camels to marry his princess. I know I speak for every member of the audience when I say that we all headed home for the weekend with a warm, tingly feeling inside.