Year 11 Saatchi Gallery Trip

On Wednesday 17th October, Year 11 Art students visited the Saatchi gallery to visit the newest exhibition, Black Mirror. Students were brought on a guided tour of the exhibition and afterwards completed a workshop based on the theme behind one of the artist’s work. Students created a wide variety of different art pieces, all of which had to be destroyed in some way.  

Year 11 student Athena stated: “The Saatchi gallery visit was a fun and engaging experience.  To be able to see a whole collection of art  pieces that held their own opinions, and ideas about the political world was inspiring and a self-teaching discovery.  I enjoyed especially being able to create my own Valerie Hegarty artwork, and sharing my own interpretations about the idea of destruction.”

Student Marwa also thoroughly enjoyed this experience and was inspired by the use of a range of materials to showcase ideas “Visiting this exhibition has benefited me and given me ideas to improve my art work, I feel inspired to experiment with different materials to express my ideas.”