International Women's Day

March 8th was International Women’s Day and as a girls’ school everything we do every day is about empowering our girls to become strong, independent women so the event organised by the Southbank Centre seemed like the perfect event. Ms Grainger and Ms Mahon took 60 girls from Y7-10 to the Southbank Centre for a day of celebration, inspirational speeches and performing arts. The day centred around the concept of Heroines - exploring and celebrating heroines. Who are the heroines of science, sport, literature and politics?

Which women have changed the world but remain largely invisible? We watched speakers pitch for the incredible women they wanted added to the school curriculum; we casted your own votes for an unsung heroine and further celebrated International Women’s Day through talks, workshops, dance and music. Highlights were Maria and Jada dancing on stage with Beyonce’s choreography team and the inspirational speakers from Tanni Grey Thompson to the 17 year old who took on the biggest exam board to ensure that female composers featured on the specification!