Our School Production - Annie

This year Fulham Cross Girls’ School saw a number of years 7, 8 and 9 students participate in the astonishing performance of Annie. Chrystabel Blankson-Hemans played the sassy and loveable orphan Annie. Her performances of Tomorrow and Maybe both brought a tear. Jada Lake’s imposing Daddy Warbucks starts grumpy and all-business, but then he meets Annie and his heart melts along with everybody else in the audience.

Another fantastic performance of the night, goes to Wadad Shodeinde as the enthusiastically cruel orphanage manager Miss Hannigan. Her delivery of lines and her comedy acting kept the audience fully entertained.

The rest of the cast includes Hiba Al Moosawi, Warbucks elegant secretary who gave a mature performance, Aaliyah Mohammad as Hannigan's sly brother Rooster and over the top wife played by Naziniah Munangatire and six girls as Annie's fellow orphans who should be commended for their energy on stage.

 And then there's the golden Labrador who appears as Annie's dog Sandy, who doesn’t stay on stage for long as he’s seen something he likes in the wings. However on the last night he steals the show.

The show's best moments include "It's a Hard Knock Life" performed by all the chorus members who demonstrated their ability to dance, sing and act.

A massive thanks must go to the performing arts team and to Mr Lloyd as the director.

We look forward to the next musical in 2017.