Year 10 Visits Universities

Year 10 students had a tremendous Empower Day as they visited five universities across London. Events included a tour of the university, an opportunity to quiz the student ambassadors as well as participation in team building exercises. The students reported back that they had really enjoyed the experience and that it was an excellent opportunity to see what university life was like first hand and to talk to the students about what it was like to be a university student in London. Maria in 10F said ‘I always knew I wanted to go to university but now I want to go even more!’ At the same time 10M’s visit to City University was made a lot smoother by the excellent navigational skills of Megan Jones who worked with staff to ensure that they found their way to the university having been there before!

The response of the universities has been overwhelming in their praise for the maturity, behaviour and intelligence of the girls who attended the trip and the school is already making preparations to repeat the visits next year.