Sports Leaders with CFC Activities Day

Recently the P.E department of Fulham Cross Girls School collaborated with Chelsea Football Club. This collaboration helped in many different ways, the main focus was to put all stereotypes such as the idea that girls not allowed to play football after primary school away. This event was held in primary schools, Sir John Lillie and Fulham Primary, and this was hosted by Sport Leaders like myself. Being a Sport Leader you need follow many aspects like being a good leader, listener and always making people feel worthy. The Sports Leader went to primary schools at 7:45 a.m. for all sessions to begin at 8:00 a.m., the sessions were for girls in Year 5 and 6. At all times the Sports Leaders we supervised by a member of Chelsea Football Club Association.

However, this was not the end. On February the 27th, an event took place in Fulham Cross Girls School. This event was open to any school in the borough and of course the schools that the Sports Leaders went to. The event consisted of two main activities on of them was a physical one where the girls developed their confidence by playing a friendly game of football with other schools. The other activity was more focused on Women Empowerment or Women Achievements. Every single girl was asked to write a postcard to a female in their life that has helped them it could be someone like their mum or even Michele Obama, Chelsea Football Club had their connections and they had sent all of the letter to whom they were written to.

Before the end everyone came together and some people shared their post card and before there was a Q&A session with a former Chelsea Ladies player her name was Claire Rafferty. Her answering questions inspired girls to follow their dreams. Overall the day was inspiring and I hope has an impacts in those girls’ lives.