Year 11 Trip - Tate Britian

On Tuesday 14th November, Year 11 GCSE Art pupils visited the Tate Britain in Pimlico.  Pupil’s main objective whilst there was to extend their knowledge about a variety of different artists and practice their observational drawing skills.  Pupils fully enjoyed this experience and found visiting the gallery inspiring and beneficial to each of their projects.  Pupils spent time studying and evaluating art work linked to their coursework themes. 

Feedback from pupils:

“Tate Britain was very interesting.  It displayed Art work from the 1500s to the present day.  It showed a diverse range of artwork, from painting, sculpture, photography and video art.  I found it very inspiring that artists could use such a wide range of media and materials to express their ideas.”

Rufaydah Djilali

The visit to the Tate Britain helped me identify the many techniques that artists used within their work.  It inspired me to experiment more with new techniques in my artwork.”

Zohal Amiri