Red Nose Day Challenge

On Friday 24th March, Fulham Cross Girls’ School participated in Red Nose Day for Comic Relief, a UK charity.  As a school we took part because it is an opportunity for pupils to learn valuable life skills, pupils gain understanding and empathy for others in the world and it brings the whole school community together. Our school has helped make a difference to people’s lives.

This year we ran a Destination Challenge for year 7-9 and Lunch sporting competitions for year 10-11. There was also a cake sale run by the challenge club at lunch time. Everyone worked super hard. 

Competition Winners: Leyla 9H, Yasmina 10F, Leona 8H, Tanjida 10U, Naziniah 10U, Aya B 10M, Dana 8H, Aaliyah 10U, Christelle 10F, Inas 7M, Lily 7F, Lorraine 11L

Cake Sale Winners: Year 7 Challenge Club.  Total Amount Raised: £584.31